Get Out of the Van is the second episode of IDFB, and the first episode of the fan-made continuation.


We learn a little more about those living in Yoyleland; Pin and Coiny start their own garden; FreeSmart finds something disturbing under the van's hood.


Cold Open

Tennis Ball sleeps by the TLC as the Wall Teleporter is almost finished charging. Yellow Face walks over to wake him up.

Yellow Face: WAKEY WAKEY!!!

Tennis Ball: ACK! What the racket?

Yellow Face: I got you some ice cream!!! Also, the Wall Teleporter's almost done.

TB looks at the Wall Teleporter at 97% charge.

Tennis Ball: Whoa! It's almost done! Get out the votes.

Yellow Face: YAAAAAAYYY!!!!

Yellow Face gets so excited that he accidentally throws his ice cream really far away.

Yellow Face: ...I'll get another one.

At the Top of the Yoyle Needy

Bubble: Hey Pencil. Why is Firey punished again?

Pencil: Oh, we forgot to tell you after you died. You see, he re-

Bubble is popped by Yellow Face's ice cream.

Pencil: Speaking of recover, PEOPLE! We gotta bring Bubble back!

Book: What? Did she die again?

Pencil sighs.

Pencil: Yep. Let's go, people.

FreeSmart runs down the Yoyle Needy. It then cuts to the Hand-Powered Recovery Center, where Fries has recovered Bomby.

Fries: Thanks, buddy. Now run along.

Bomby and Fries walk away in different directions. Pencil walks up to the HPRC and recovers Bubble.

Bubble: Yoy!

Ruby: Let's get back to the Needy! We gotta prepare for our video diary!

Book: Pencil, why do we walk everywhere when we have the Supervan?

Pencil: It's broken. I think the glue caused the engine to screw up.

Ruby looks away in mild shame

Book: Really? Well, I just so happen to be a Supervan Repair Guide! I'll just fix it!

Ice Cube: Wow!

Bubble: What kind of book AREN'T you?

Book takes a look at the front of the Supervan. She notices that glue has sealed the hood shut. She tries to lift the hood open and break the glue but fails.

Book: Ruby! Your saw!

Ruby gives Book her saw. The saw cuts the glue and the hood instantly opens up. A chunk of hardened glue pops Bubble.

Pencil: Really? Well, at least we're already here.

Coughing is heard from where the van's engine is.

Flower: *weak voice* Help... me...

All of FreeSmart looks inside the hood. Book is confused, Ruby is intrigued, Ice Cube is mad, and Pencil is even angrier.

Flower: ...What?

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