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N/A Teams Settled, Moving On! (upcoming)
Gamey Battle 1

Gamey Battle 1

They're Coming! is the first episode of Gamey Battle.


Gamepad: Hey, everyone. I'm Gamepad, the host of the camp Gamey Battle. This camp is pretty much a Object Overload mess...kinda. Why is the camp called "Gamey Battle," you ask? Because the camp will feature Gamies competing. Of course, there are rules for signing up, so listen very, very, VERY closley!


  1. You must have a Fandom account.
  2. Please tell me your Fandom username.
  3. You must be active at the slightest bit so I can connect you.
  4. Oh, and the link to signing up is in the description below. Make your Gamey and sign it up!
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