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"Yay! Hee-hee, Gamey, you're such a good friend!" - Furry Ball
This character is popular, and they're loved by many fans, maybe even because they're the host, they won a show or they're super likable.

Gamey is the host of Object Overload and it's reboot. He was also featured in BFDI: The Reboot.


Gamey appears to be an electronic handheld gaming system and appears similar to a Gameboy Color. His body is dark forest green, and his screen is pastel lime-green. He has two circular red and cyan buttons on one side, and a light gray d-pad on the other. He can press his buttons at will. In the original series, Gamey is thick, while in the reboot, he is slimmer.


Gamey is a dark-forest green rectangular object with a pastel lime-green screen bordered with a dark-gray border. He has two circular buttons - one red and one cyan - below his screen, as well as a gray d-pad. On the back, Gamey has two E-cigarette-esquee black batteries with thunderbolts on them, normally sealed by a screwable back.


Gamey is normally calm and happy, but has a tiny bit of a short temper. He's also a little careless, as when he asked Team Tune if they want to see how Team Time was doing and Toothy answered no, he does it anyway.


  • Teleportation: In"Branching Out", he was able to teleport himself and the other contestants by just snapping his fingers. He is also capable of teleportation on his own, as seen in "Buckets of Fun."
  • Platform Summoning: In "Rostrum Rampage", he was able to summon a platform he was on by pressing one of his buttons.


Object Overload Reboot

Rostrum Rampage

Gamey was first seen in the forest as he was found there by Casey. Gamey was turned off and filthy.

Later, the rest of the OOR cast saw him in the forest. When Marble asks if he is alive, Casey pokes him with a stick, but is slapped by Snow Globe telling her to stop.

Clock then tells Picture to unscrew Gamey's back and states that the batteries are both dead. He is asked by Dusty on what he could for the object, and answers that the batteries are easily replaceable (and that he carries around spare batteries at all times), to which Picture changes the batteries for a new pair from Clock's case.

After Toothy says that the idea was dumb, an electric explosion appears by the time Toothy finishes his sentence.

Fan Fiction

Battle for Smash Ultimate

He is a playable character in it. He is one of the two playable Object Overload characters alongside Kite.

BFDI: The Reboot

Getting Under Control

Gamey returns before Pin got amost got them. And of course, they asked the others what an reality show is.

Gamey said 1 million dollars and other contestants are excited.

(more coming soon)


  • It is still unknown how Gamey's memory data was erased, or what caused it.
  • Gamey share ties with the Nintendo Gameboy Color.
  • Gamey is the first of the three object show hosts who's name ends with a "y." The second being Controlly from Brawl of the Objects and the third being Camcordy from Rush Hour Elimination.
  • He made an appearance as a guest judge in Inanimate Insanity II Episode 4 and made a cameo appearance in II2 Episode 8.
  • Gamey used to actually appear in Uproar for Fanatic Island as a contestant.
    • He was replaced by Bell, however.
  • In the original series, Gamey is thick, while in the reboot, he is slimmer.
  • In the reboot, some fans think that Gamey lost his memory sometime in between Lost and Found and Rostrum Rampage.
    • However, this is unlikely true because if it was, then would be unknown how the eliminated contestants got back.


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