Guacamole (The Reboot) -Poster-

Greatest Underrated Awesome Camp And More Outstanding Like Ever (The Reboot) or GUACAMOLE (The Reboot) is a Camp by NahuelFire39

This is a reboot of the dead camp "GUACAMOLE" created by Alex.

Credits to Alex. (I hope you're watching this...for some reason.)

Sign up as 1 or 2 Characters (objects or Non-objects) 14/14


  • it is the first Camp I do.
  • If you want, you can make confessionals.
  • Only NahuelFire39 can edit this page.
  • If the user does not challenge them 3 times, they will be replaced by another user.
  • Firey 114 debuts in "A tea for London" (Episode 4)
  • DeathPreventer114 is UnluckyGuy114 now
  • UnluckyGuy114 is ADeletdAccount now.. (plz not change the accounts so much UG114.)
  • Sunny's user is now ADeletdAccount 😁
  • Red Test Tube & Clock rejoins in Episode 7B
  • Red Test Tube's original place: 12th (in Episode "Destination Changed")
  • Clock's original place: 8th (in Episode "Snow time")
  • 27 is taken by Nemolee.exe.
  • Bfdianeedleyesrockyno RETURNS and and get Peppermint Lollipop again! (and - Strike)


  • Bfdianeedleyesrockyno (3 Strike) (Eliminated)
  • AwesomeAquamarine (2 Strikes)
  • FlorasAreReallyCool (3 Strike) (Eliminated)
  • BFDIbiggestfan (3 Strike) (Eliminated)
  • Nemolee.exe (3 Strikes) ➜ Second Chance (1 Strike)
  • Pufferfishmax (3 Strikes) (Eliminated)
  • ADeletdAccount (1 Strike)
  • BattleReviews (1 Strike)


Elimination list (Warning: SPOILERS!).

Contestant Team Episode Eliminated Place
OO Trio Team Devil Evil Which in the Real China 15th/14th
Tapu Koko Team Devil Evil Which in the Real China 14th/15th
White Bubble Wand Team Devil Evil Which in the Real China 13th
Scissors Team Devil Evil Destination Changed 12th
Bubble Wand The French Angels Donald Trompas 11th
Baseball Cap The French Angels A tea for London 10th
Firey 114 None Argentina and his Montains 9th
Sunny None Adventures in Africa 8th
Red Test Tube None Inexperienced Chefs 7th
Little Horn None Little Horn VS. GUACAMOLE Team! 6th
Clock None Fashion + Foreigners = France! 5th
Peppermint Lollipop None Fashion + Foreigners = France! 4th
27 None N/A 3rd
Gaster Blaster None N/A 2nd
School Blazer None N/A 1st

Episode 00: Partying In Giza


NahuelFire39: So, since this is A first class ticket as a prize, the theme is....World Tour!

And our first stop is home of the Giza Pyramids, the place for riding camels, legends of mummy’s, high history, ITS EGYPT!

(A long plane ride later)


Alright, time to explain the Challange!

Here we have 3 rows of 3 pyramids.

Pyramid A, Pyramid B, and Pyramid C.

Each round, there will be an artifact hidden in a Pyramid.

Guess the Pyramid that the artifact is in.

Guess correctly, you win that artifact.

You do this for all three rounds. If 3 people have the same amount of artifacts, we will have a tiebraker artifact round.

Those who have the most artifacts in the end win! and arm the teams. (Contest ends in June 9th)


Round 1: Little Horn, School Blazer & OO Tri wins a artifact

Round 2: Little Horn & School Blazer wins a artifact

Round 3: Little Horn, School Blazer, Gaster Blaster & Baseball Cap Tri wins a artifact

Total: C.A.B

NahuelFire39: Well, since Little Horn and School Blazer won the 3 Rounds, they will be the leaders of the 2 teams, each team will have 7 members (1 captain and the other 6 members), also the leaders will choose the names of the teams.

NahuelFire39: By the way, bfdianeedleyesrockyno, AwesomeAquamarine and FlorasAreReallyCool have a Strike for not doing the challenge.


~ Time to assemble the teams! ~

Little Horn: Since im a team captain, i can choose who i want to be on my team, ill say Tapu Koko, OO Tri, White Bubble Wand, Scissors, clock and Red Test Tube.

NahuelFire39: And the team name?

Little Horn: Team Devil Evil.

NahuelFire39: School Blazer, since you are a team captain, what is your team name? (Members have already been chosen: Gaster Blaster, Baseball Cap, Bubble Wand, Peppermint Lollipop, Sunny and 27) I await your response.


School Blazer: Team name is: The French Angels.

NahuelFire39: Why?

School Blazer: We have to go against their team names to match!

NahuelFire39: After making the teams, here is the list:


NahuelFire39: Episode 1 will be tomorrow, Good Luck!

Episode 01: Wich in the Real China

China Flag

NahuelFire39: Our next destination has the longest wall in the world, is know for unique culture and occupies the small island of Taiwan, it's...China! Boy, wonder which is the real China.

and to look like OO Trio and Tapu Koko left.


For your challenge, you are going to do a little geography, history AND anthropology quiz!

  1. How long is the Great Wall Of China?
  2. When was China discovered? (Hint: It's younger than Japan)
  3. What do Chinese people do for New Years?
  4. Is China Communist?
  5. What is China's main religion: Christian, Islam or Buddhism

Each correct answer has 1 point, the team with the most points, wins Immunity.

(Contest ends in June 11th)


  • Baseball Cap (5/5)
  • School Blazer (5/5)
  • Little Horn (3/5)
  • Gaster Blaster (1/5)
  • Scissors (0/5)
  • Peppermint Lollipop (1/5)
  • Sunny (3/5)

Total Points

Team Devil Evil: 4

The French Angels: 14

NahuelFire39: Well, another Strike for AwesomeAquamarine and FlorasAreCool. oh wait BFDIbiggestfan did not make the challenge either, then...STRIKE too!

NahuelFire39: But it does not matter, the team "French Angels" win immunity, Team Devil Evil, I wait for them in the elimination. >:)

Elimination Time!

Well, Team Devil Evil, you are here because most of you did not answer the questions and because Scissors cheated.

Scissors: But yes-

NahuelFire39: Shush!, well, let's continue. This roulette has their names, if the roulette chooses their names randomly, they will be safe, the last contestant that was not chosen will be eliminated.

(Roulette falls in...Scissors)

Scissors: Yay!

NahuelFire39: Wait, really?.

(Roulette falls in...Little Horn)

Little Horn: Oh Yeah!

NahuelFire39: That means that the evils of Little Horn are going to continue...

(Roulette falls in...Clock)

Clock: YOhs!

NahuelFire39: Eh..., anyways, that's what we have left to White Bubble Wand and Red Test Tube.

Red Test Tube, you can be eliminated for being a Recolor like W.B.W. and for not doing the 2 challenges of China and Giza

and White Bubble Wand...the same.

White Bubble Wand: Hey!-

NahuelFire39: And the eliminated one is...

(Spins the roulette and the suspense increases.)

(Roulette falls in...)






Red Tes Tube is Safe!

NahuelFire39: Well, bye W.B.W *Launch White Bubble Wand off the plane*

NahuelFire39: Well, and with that elimination, see you in another episode of GUACAMOLE...the reboot.

Episode 02: Destination Changed

Japan Flag

NahuelFire39: Our next location is... wait, what?

Ace Book: Welcome to Japan! Since London is extraordinary weather, I kept your planes warped!

Challenge A

Ace Book: Challenge is translate and quiz challenge, click and check Q4!

  1. On the line of Tokyo Metro, is there still no movie of Route Name RED ZONE?
    1. Marunouchi Line
    2. Yurakucho Line
    3. Fukutoshin Line
  2. Arcade with railroad crossing What is the national highway road?
  3. What is not the flavor of McFleury in Gudetama collaboration?

A answer

  1. 2
  2. 170
  3. Pudding
  4. A

A result

Ace Book: Why do you all answer incompatible? I will give it a little more though, but ...

  • Baseball Cap, 4 is correct. Bonus 3 point for partly correct 2 and Answered by Japanese.(8)
  • School Blazer, 4 is correct. Bonus 1 point for Answered by Japanese.(6)
  • Little Horn, 1 and 4 are correct.(10)
  • Gaster Blaster, 4 is correct.(5)
  • Scissors, 1 is correct.(5)
  • Peppermint Lollipop... Bonus 1 point for no one correct but did well.(1)
  • Sunny, 1 and 4 are correct.(10)
  • Bubble Wand, 1 is correct.(5)

Challenge B

Ace Book: I added another one! If you appear in Object CrossRoad, what kind of role would you like to appear in?

B result

  • Little Horn(Main Antagonist): I can tell everyone else but I would like a little more explanation (15/20)
  • Gaster Blaster(Protagonist): Well, I can't see that. (11/20)
  • Scissors(contestant): ???(11/20)
  • Peppermint Lollipop(co-host): Hmm... FR dormitory's? (12/20)
  • Sunny(Protagonist): Nice. (15/20)
  • Bubble Wand(Protagonist): Nice. (15/20)

Ace Book: So, what do you think who is UFE along with Red Testtube and other DNPer?


  • Baseball Cap(8)
  • School Blazer(6)
  • Gaster Blaster(16)
  • Peppermint Lollipop(13)
  • Sunny(25)
  • Bubble Wand(20)
  • Little Horn(25)
  • Scissors(16)


In Challenge A, the results were:

The Devil Evil: 15

The French Angel: 35

and that that TWO of the members of D.E. They made the challenge. Well, Team F.A wins Challenge A.

and in Challenge B:

The Devil Evil: 26

The French Angel: 53

And F.A. win again! which means that D.E. will go to the elimination again!.


Scissors: I didnt cheat, it was peppermint lollipop because she copyed one of my answers!

Elimination Time!

NahuelFire39: and Rest Test Tube is eliminated by receiving 3 Strikes xD *pushes Scissors off the plane*.

NahuelFire39: You know, when this roulette falls/picks your names randomly, you're safe.

(Roulette falls in...¿Clock?)

NahuelFire39: Seriously?, this Clock is almost the same as BFB Clock but weirder.

Clock: Wuahtr?!

NahuelFire39: Anyway ... there are Scissors and Little Horn.

Scissors, you can be eliminated for supposedly cheating, but in the end your user said that Peppemint Lollipop was the one who REALLY cheated. My apologies.

Scissors: Thanks! >:v

NahuelFire39: and Little Horn, you can be eliminated for being evil and....just that.

Little Horn: Seriuosly? *Sigh* is all you can say about me?

NahuelFire39: Do not blame me! It was the roulette that fell randomly to the name of Clock.

NahuelFire39: and the last safe contestant is...

(the roulette falls in ...)













Little Horn

Little Horn: HELL YEAH!

Scissors: WHAT?! can not be!

NahuelFire39: Well, goodbye Scissors *pushes Scissors off the plane*



NahuelFire39: Well, that's all friends, well, this team falls faster eh?

Little Horn: oh Shut up!

NahuelFire39: Anyways, thanks Ace for being our special guest in this episode.

Ace: No problem. Well I'm going *goes away somehow :v*

NahuelFire39: Will there be more foolish challenges? Will there be more fights will there be more surprises? discover it in the next episode of GUACAMOLE!...the reboot.

Episode 03: Donald Trompas


NahuelFire39: Hello everyone, welcome back to this dear Reboot, well, I think so. Today there will be-

Little Horn: Hey Fire!

NahuelFire39: What?

Little Horn: My team only has two members ME and this weird.

Clock: :P

NahuelFire39: Do not worry about black thingy.

Little Horn: HOW YOU CALL ME-

NahuelFire39: There will be a Twist, and that twist is that some members of F.A. be in the team of D.E. ;D

All the French Angels members: * GASP *

NahuelFire39: yes, it was unfair that D.E. have many few members, so TA-DA! There is going your twist.


NahuelFire39: and the captain of the team is...

(the roulette falls in ...)




Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap: Yeah! :D

NahuelFire39: Well, that's how the new teams will be:

Equipos 4


NahuelFire39: As we are in the great, important and political U.S.A., the challenge is to draw how to knock down the wall of Donald Trompas.

School Blazer: N-no what is "Trump"?

NahuelFire39: I know, I call it that because it sounds funny to me xD

School Blazer: O_o

NahuelFire39: Anyway, you must draw your drawing on a computer. We go with the points again. You must do the best drawing or how you can, the scores will be from 1 to 10. You know, the team with the highest scores is saved from elimination.

NahuelFire39: One more thing, the extra point is that you can translate the drawing in Spanish if you want (only when that drawing has dialogues). You can also do comic-style if you want.

The challenge ends on 06/24.


NahuelFire39: Time to judge!

Team Devil Evil

Little Horn:

Way: 6/10 (I thought it was a good way to break the wall by making a hole, but the problem is, "What Little Horn did to create the hole", most likely I think I broke it, it was a Troll Bomb)

Drawing: 3/10 (I don't know much about what the drawing says, only Little Horn is shown next to the wall that has the hole, a combination of Photoshop *cough cough Google Drawings cough cough* and Copy paste)

Total: 9/20

Clock & 27: For_GUACAMOLE.png

NahuelFire39: You guys are very good friends, right?

Clock and 27: Yeah :)

NahuelFire39: Good!

Way: 8/10 (A very effective and powerful way to destroy a wall, the a eco, Ok?)

Drawing: 2/10 (Sincerely I do not know what to say. You made your drawing of canon and the wall very small. I did not like it very much, but the way to break it is saved.)

Total: 20/20

Random Viewer: WHY NAHUEL, WHY!?

NahuelFire39: Well...

Clock: 10/20

27: 10/20

So...= 20/20 lol

The French Angels

Gaster Blaster:

Way: 7/10 (This is better understood what you happen here, Gaster Blaster used his beam that had a name but I forgot...good idea G.B. 😉)

Drawing: 5/10 (Almost the same as Little Horn but a bit better [?])

Total: 12/20

Bubble Wand: Four%2C_Five_and_Six.png

Way: 0/10 (It is not said how they destroyed the Trompa's Wall, as simple as that.)

Drawing: 7/10 (Is nice)

Total: 7/20


Peppermint Lollipop

Way: 9/10 (Original and interesing, Good Job P.L. 😉)

Drawing: 0/10 (No drawing :P)

Total: 9/20

NahuelFire39: and the Score Results are...

Team Devil Evil: 29

The French Angels: 28

NahuelFire39: Wow, that was close, but equally, FINALLY Team Devil Evil wins immunity, while The French Angels, will go to its first elimination.

NahuelFire39: Strike to...Nemolee.exe and Pufferfishmax for not doing the challenge.

Elimination Time!

NahuelFire39: Welcome French Angels tof your first elimination, You know how work this, when this roulette falls/picks your names randomly, you're safe.

Bubble Wand: Ok, ok we already understand-

NahuelFire39: Aaaaand~ The person who is safe will receive prize as BFB or BFDI. And today's prize is...this *shows a green sign that says "I'M SAFE"

Peppermint Lollipop: Its nice.

NahuelFire39: I know, right? Well, we started NOW.

(Roulette falls in...Gaster Blaster)

Gaster Blaster: Good! *catch the green sign but with the mouth*

(Roulette falls in...Baseball Cap)

NahuelFire39: And Baseball Cap survive to be in other episodes more.

Baseball Cap: Cool~! *catch the green sign*

NahuelFire39: Well...this is between Bubble Wand and Peppermint Lollipop.

Bubble Wand, you could be eliminated for doing something that does not have much to do with the challenge.

and Peppermint Lollipop, you could be eliminated for not drawing the challenge.

and the last girl saved is...

(the roulette falls in ...)







Peppermint Lollipop.

Peppermint Lollipop: Wow! that was close but I saved myself! *catch the green sign*

Bubble Wand: Awww, how bad! :(

NahuelFire39: Sorry, but like I said, the roulette is Random.

Bubble Wand: Ok *goes to the door*

NahuelFire39: Last words before jumping?

Bubble Wand: I wish you good luck Baseball Cap!

Baseball Cap: Thank you very much! I hope you are well.

Bubble Wand: Do not worry I'll be *Nahuel pushes her out of the plane* Gooooooooooood!

Baseball Cap: BUBBLE WAND!

NahuelFire39: Sorry, time is time. Now we will see again in the next episode of GUACAMOLE...the reboot.

Episode 04: A tea for London


NahuelFire39: Welcome to GUACAMOLE the reboot!, this episode has another surprise, do you know what it is?

Little Horn: Kill someone?

Gaster Blaster: Eliminate Little Horn?

Baseball Cap: Bubble Wand rejoins?

NahuelFire39: No, No and Nope. Someone is going to debut!

All the teams: WHAT?!

NahuelFire39: Yes, someone is going to replace Red Test Tube.

Peppermint Lollipop: and...where is that person?

NahuelFire39: oh, yes, wait a second *Teleports Firey 114*

Firey 114: Yay! I'm here! :D

Little Horn: REALLY?! It is the same as Firey, but with a number and- *is interrupted by 27*

27: Hey Little Horn!

Little Horn: What?

27: I think I should be the new captain!

Little Horn: WHAT?! WHY?!

27: Well, last episode, you called my friend, Clock, to Weird!

Little Horn (whispering to himself): I seriously regret calling clock to weird...

27: Really?

Little Horn: NO! HAHA!

27: H-hey-

NahuelFire39: SILENCE! *Little Horn and 27 are silent*

Little Horn: 7_7

NahuelFire39: Anyway...,as the French Angels lost in the previous episode, Firey 114 will be on that team.

Firey 114: Yay!


NahuelFire39: We are in one of the places that Big Ben has and with a long bridge, and is the capital of England, LONDON!

NahuelFire39: In this challenge, you have to choose where a special and exclusive tea is, The London Tea.

Little Horn: Wow, what an original name (sarcasm)

NahuelFire39: oh shut up! *sigh*, well, the places where the London Tea could be hidden are:

  1. The Big Ben
  2. The Buckingham Palace
  3. The London Zoo

NahuelFire39: The team that mostly guessed correctly the place that was hidden "The London Tea" will have immunity.


Those who went to Big Ben were:

  • Firey 114 (from French Angels)
  • Little Horn (from Team Devil Evil)

Those who went to Buckingham Palace were:

  • Sunny (from Team Devil Evil) (So adorable X3)
  • Gaster Blaster (from French Angels)

Those who went to London Zoo were:

  • Peppermint Lollipop (from French Angels)
  • 27 (from Team Devil Evil)
  • Clock (from Team Devil Evil)

NahuelFire39: and the right place is...










The Buckingham Palace!

NahuelFire39: Wait, Sunny is on Team D.E. and Gaster Blaster is on Team F.A. ...and both are in that place (Buckingham Palace), that's a Draw!

All the contestants: *Gasp!*

NahuelFire39: But there is a way to tie-break!, Sunny and Gaster Blaster have to break the paper tape, the first to cut the tape, his team will have immunity.

Gaster Blaster: But I do not have arms-

Sunny: *Break the paper tape* Done~

NahuelFire39: And Team Devil Evil Wins again!, French Angels, I wait for you in the elimination.

NahuelFire39: Nemolee.exe have other Strike

Elimination Time!

NahuelFire39: Hello everyone, well let's know who will be eliminated this time, tell them how it works?

All members of French Angels: No-

NahuelFire39: Well~, when this roulette falls/picks your names randomly, you're safe.

NahuelFire39: Today's prize is: a plush version of you!

Peppermint Lollipop: Awww~ thats cute!

NahuelFire39: Yes Yes. well, the roulette!

(the roulette falls in...Firey 114)

NahuelFire39: Catch this! * throws the plush to Firey 114*

Firey 114: *The plush hits him but at least catches him* Thats me!

(the roulette falls in...Gaster Blaster)

Gaster Blaster: Phew! *The plush hits him* Ouch!

(Only Peppermint Lollipop and Baseball remain)

NahuelFire39: Well, you are left.

NahuelFire39: And the last safe is...











Peppermint Lollipop!

Peppermint Lollipop: Yay! *catch the plush*

Baseball Cap: Well, at least I'll be with Bubble Wand, I hope.

*Baseball Cap approaches the door*

Baseball Cap: Goodbye friends!

Gaster Blaster & Peppermint Lollipop: Goodbye!

*Baseball jumps out of the plane*

NahuelFire39: Well, another contestant out and another episode finished. Hopefully you liked this episode and see you next time at GUACAMOLE...the reboot.

Episode 05: Snow time!


NahuelFire39: We will go to one of the countries where Justin Bieber was born-

Fangirls of Justin Bieber: AHHHHH!! JUSTIN BIEBER! *they approach where Nahuel and the other contestants are*

NahuelFire39: Are you serious?! O_o

*A fangirl approaches and hugs Little Horn*

Fangirl of Justin Bieber: OH MY GOD IS JUSTIN BIEBER!

Little Horn: YOU ARE BLIND OR WHAT?! *Kill the Fangirl* much better! -_-

Gaster Blaster: Was it necessary to kill her?!


Sunny: Guys! Stop fighting!

Little Horn: Or what?

Sunny: Or...I-i will not be your friend!

Little Horn: I don't make friends with good people (except with Moneybags), then I don't care.

~ (While on another side) ~

Firey 114: Aww man! Why did i have to land in the losing team?

*Peppermint Lollipop appears*

Peppermint Lollipop: Hey, is something wrong? you look sad.

Firey 114: Our team lost and I'm worried about being a "losing team".

Peppermint Lollipop: Well, we hope to have more luck in this challenge.

Firey 114: Are you sure?

Peppermint Lollipop: Of course! There is no need to think about the future, right?

Firey 114: Yes, I guess..

Peppermint Lollipop: Are we going to go to the Host?

Firey 114: Good

*Peppermint Lollipop and Firey 114 go where NahuelFire39 is*



NahuelFire39: Well, since we're all here and that Little Horn killed all the fangirls of Justin Bieber.

Little Horn: Hehehehe~ >:)

NahuelFire39: This challenge will be to build a Ice statue!

Firey 114: a Ice statue?

NahuelFire39: Exactly! You must build your own Snowman. But first, we have to choose who will be the new leader of the French Angels team

(The spinner rotates and later fell into...Firey 114)

Firey 114: Yay!


NahuelFire39: You have to create your own ice statue. When you finish. I will have to choose the best ice statue of the "Team Devil Evil" and the team "French Angels". The team that has the best ice statue will have immunity (Challenge ends 9th of July)


Yosafire: And time to judge~!

Sunny: Who are you?

Yosafire: Well ~, I'm Yosafire, and I'm Nahuel's replacement.

Firey 114: Replacement?

Yosafire: Yes, they were personal reasons, that means I can tell them, I'm sorry :(

Sunny: Oh, I hope he's fine. :(

Yosafire: Yes, I know...


Little Horn: uh..HELLO? and the results?

Yosafire: O-oh, yeah, the results, we passed like-

Gaster Blaster: 5 or 6 Days? yes, we know.

Yosafire: Anyway, judging!

¡Judge Time!

~ Team Devil Evil ~

[Clock & 27]

Yosafire: Uhh...this is about building an ICE STATUE, not a snowman. So...nope, sorry~!

Clock & 27: Awww :(

[Little Horn]

Yosafire: Ohhh~ I ship it 7w7. Good~ Demon & Half-Demon!

Little Horn: Wait, SHIP IT?!

Results to Devil Evils:

Yosafire: Little Horn wins this easily, since its ICE STATUE, looks like a TRUE ICE STATUE.

Little Horn: HAHA! >:D

Clock & 27: >:(

~ The French Angels ~

[Gaster Blaster]

Yosafire: Good tribute to NahuelFire39. 😘

[Firey 114]

Yosafire: Firey 114 x Red Test Tube? Interesting 7w7. How is it possible that this Camp has several contestants to ship??

Results to French Angels:

Yosafire: It was a difficult choice, but I choose the statue of...










Firey 114!

~ Little Horn VS. Firey 114 ~

Yosafire: Well, this versus is between the ice statue of my friend Little Horn.

Little Horn: I'm not your friend-

Yosafire: AND the ice statue of Firey 114.

Yosafire: ¿Can win the "friendship" 7w7.

Little Horn: Stop

Yosafire: Or the Love?...

(After a long laziness...)

Yosafire: Firey 114's ice statue wins (._.)

Firey 114: I won!!

Little Horn: ¿¡¡WHAT?!!

Yosafire: I don't know

Little Horn: (⌐⌒⌐) thats unfair...

Yosafire: Well, I guess Devil Evil will go to the elimination.

Elimination Time!

Yosafire: Well, we're in the elimination. If you do not know how this works, it's-

All the members of Devil Evil: Whenthis roulette falls/picks your names randomly, you're safe.

Yosaifire: Awww, I was going to explain that (╥⌒╥)

Little Horn: Just start (-_-)

Sunny: Hey, don't be bad. She is as a host for the first time!

Little Horn: I don't care (⌐-⌐)

Yosafire: Well, today's prize is: a stuffed animal called "Mr. Octopus".


Sunny: SO CUTE!! (♡‿♡)

Yosafire: I know~ well, let's start.

(Roulette falls in...School Blazer)

School Blazer: *Catch a Mr. Octopus*

Yosafire: Next~!

(Roulette falls in...Sunny)

Yosafire: And a Mr. Octopus to Sunny *throws Mr. Octopus to Sunny*

Sunny: YAY!! *Catch Mr. Octopus and hug him tightly* So cute~ ♡(>ω<)♡

Yosafire: Next~! 7w7

(Roulette falls in...27)

Yosafire: And 27 is safe *throws Mr. Octopus to 27*

27: *The plush hits him* Hey!

Yosafire: Little Horn and Clock, one of you 2 will be eliminated, and the last one to be safe is...












Little Horn!!

Little Horn: Finally! *Catch the last Mr. Octopus*

27: Noooooooo! :(

Little Horn: Goodbye weirdo >:)

Yosafire: Sorry..but

Clock: Uh? *Yosafire pushes him out of the plane* Aaaaaaaaah!!

Yosafire: *Sigh* Well, another contestant who is leaving ...

Yosafire: Before leaving, Nemolee.exe received a third strike, which means that she will be eliminated, but unlike Red Test Tube, School Blazer will not be eliminated. School Blazer needs another new user to control it.

Yosafire: Now, see you another episode of GUACAMOLE The Reboot! Bye~!

Episode 06: Argentina and his montains


NahuelFire39: HELLO TO ALL!, I'm back!

All the contestants: Finally! (-_-)

Little Horn: Where the hell were you in all this time?

NahuelFire39: Suicides, personal things, laziness, etc.

Little Horn: Ok?... (Suicides? wtf?)

NahuelFire39: Well, this challenge will be in my country... ARGENTINA!

Sunny: Wait, are you Argentine?

NahuelFire39: Yup

Sunny: Cool!

NahuelFire39: Well, let's not talk about my life. As we are in the country with inflation of money, mountains and traditions with dances...

Firey 114: Yeah?

NahuelFire39: What challenge do you think will be?

Firey 114: Dances?

NahuelFire39: N o p e.

Peppermint Lollipop: Money? ($‿$)

NahuelFire39: Maybe, buuuuut, NO.

Gaster Blaster: Montains?

NahuelFire39: Hmmm yeah!

Gaster Blaster: I have inmunity?

NahuelFire39: Hmmm No!

Gaster Blaster: Ugh (⌐-⌐)

Yosafire: Wait, what about me? :(

NahuelFire39: You'll be fine... I think :/

Yosafire: What?- *Nahuel pushes her out of the plane* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Gaster Blaster: Wait, she does not know how to fly?

NahuelFire39: Yes, but not quite, and as a last thing before begins the Merge!

Merge (1)

Peppermint Lollipop: I'm not surprised, we're like 7.

NahuelFire39: Well, let's continue ;)


NahuelFire39: This challenge consists of climbing a mountain, but not any mountain, if not, one of the mountains of Argentina, the "Cordillera de los Andes".

Gaster Blaster: and what will we do there?

NahuelFire39: Well, the challenge is to climb the mountain over these mountains, the last three contestants not to reach the mountain, will be in the elimination.

(The comments must have one of your characters saying "I arrived", and the last ones in not saying "I arrived", will be in the elimination) (Example: "Yokia: I arrived!")

(School Blazer will continue to be used by Nemolee.exe for begging me to give her a second chance.)

(The challenge ends on 2nd of September)


NahuelFire39: 3..2...1... GO!!

Gaster Blaster: 7? thats the lucky number! bet ill win this,

Little Horn: too bad your luck is over at 6, 

Gaster Blaster: S H U S H,

(Gaster Blaster speeds up)

Gaster Blaster: SUPER BOOST!

(Gaster Blaster flies at the top of the mountain at full speed) (Theme: )

(Little Horn Holes to the top)

Little Horn & Gaster Blaster: Arrived! wait...WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS DRAW DO?

NahuelFire39: Little Horn and Gaster Blaster are 1st!

School Blazer: I arrived!

NahuelFire39: School Blazer are 2nd!

27: I arrived!

NahuelFire39: 27 are 3rd!

Peppermint Lollipop: I arrived!

NahuelFire39: Peppermint Lollipop are 4th!

Firey 114: Uhh.... Bye!

NahuelFire39: Wait... Bye?!

Firey 114: I quit, I will go to Japan! *Holed the ground and left*

NahuelFire39: Okay?, well, Sunny didn't do the challenge, so... Pufferfishmax is eliminated, not Sunny.

NahuelFire39: That means... No one will be eliminated in this episode!

All the Remain Contestants: YAY!! 😄🎉

NahuelFire39: But there's more~

27: More??

NahuelFire39: Yup, there will be a vote of... who of the eliminated contestants must return, on this occasion 2 contestants eliminated will return.

~ ♪ Return Selections ♪ ~

NahuelFire39: OO Trio.

OO Trio: We must return!

NahuelFire39: Tapu Koko.

Tapu Koko: I was very little time... but... I think I should go back because I'm the ONLY pokémon in this Reboot. Please... Vote me.

NahuelFire39: White Bubble Wand.

White Bubble Wand: Maybe I "is" a "copy" of Bubble Wand, but I want to return!, I made the challenges wrong... or I didn't, but it does not matter! Vote me!

NahuelFire39: Red Test Tube.

Red Test Tube: Nahuel was wrong! MY user must be eliminated, not ME, vote me to come back and change the things.

NahuelFire39: Scissors.

Scissors: VOTE ME! Should I go back because it was the roulette's fault because she/he hates me, seriously, when they're going to take that stupid roulette away?

NahuelFire39: Bubble Wand.

Bubble Wand: I hope to get back with Baseball because he and I are the most beloved characters for the people... yup... just that *blush* b-but it does not matter, I need or we need the return.

NahuelFire39: Baseball Cap.

Baseball Cap: Maybe they eliminated me once, but they will not do it again when I (and maybe Bubble Wand) comes back. One more thing: STOP LET SHIP US!

NahuelFire39: Sure~

NahuelFire39: and Clock.

Clock: PLeAsE V0Te Me! I NeeD tO ARrivE at F1n4L 2 wiTh 27!

NahuelFire39: Okay?

NahuelFire39: Anyways. Viewers, please vote who of the contestants should return to this season, the 2 most voted contestants will return. The voting ends on September 9.


The Voting Ended!

Episode 07A: Rejoining Time!

Screenshot 133-0

NahuelFire39: Hello everyone! and welcome to another episode of "GUACAMOLE The Reboot"!

NahuelFire39: Before starting our adventure to one of the countries with more wild animals, Africa!...

NahuelFire39: But before~, it's time for "Rejoining Time"!

~ ♪ Rejoining Time ♪ ~

Globert: Hello everyone, I am Globert, the leader of the Glowkies tribe, and well, as you will see right now, we have our 9 elimin- I-i- i mean, our 9 special guests as:

Globert: OO Trio~!.

OO Trio: Hello!

Globert: Tapu Koko~!.

Tapu Koko: I hope this was worth it...

Globert: *cough* *cough* um, White Bubble Wand!, or WBW. to make shorter.

White Bubble Wand: Yay!, I'm very happy to be here, by the way, are you the host of "Rejoin Time"?

Globert: Uh, DUH!, a guys called NahuelFire I don't know what, he called me to be the host at this moment~, I swear I will dazzle them with my presence.

White Bubble Wand: Sure

Globert: Whatever~, Red Test Tube!

Red Test Tube: Uh... Hello?

Globert: That's ALL you're going to say?

Red Test Tube: Hmm... yup!, I don't want to bore the public.

Globert: Ok? as you say (⌐-⌐). Our next special guest: Scissors~!

Scissors: YES! I'M BACK BABY!

Globert: Oh~! finally someone who IS excited to return! \(^o^)/

Scissors: And when I get back, I'm going to slap Nahuel for cheating!

Globert: Uh, forget what I said (o_o).

Globert: Next special guest: Bubble Wand!

Bubble Wand: Heya! 😄

Globert: *pulls out a microphone from nowhere* And well, Miss Bubble Wand, how do you feel being here? *brings the microphone to Bubble Wand*

Bubble Wand: Well, I'm very happy as *cough cough my copy cough cough* W.B.W.

Globert: Oh, very good, and do you think you could go back to the competition?

Bubble Wand: Sure!, and I hope with Baseball also *blush*

Globert: Ok~ and hey, you want to go out with me for a coffee when this is over? ♡

Bubble Wand: O-oh, well- *is interrupted by Baseball Cap*

Baseball Cap: HEY!, are we going to continue this? >:(

Globert: Oh! yes, of course that bad luck, well, I present Baseball Cap!

Baseball Cap: Yeah! I hope to return with Bubble Wand to continue our adventures!

Globert: and finally~ ...Clock.

Clock: Yeahais!

Sounds of crickets

Globert: Uh... well, whatever. You 9 are here, so that only 2 return to the competition, understood?

All: Yes sir-

Clock: Batsy owo

Globert: ...

Clock: owo?

Globert: Ok... Then, let this START NOW~!♡

GP 26

Red Test Tube: Ok, with those clothes you seem to be gay

Globert: It's not called being "gay".

Globert: It's called being FABULOUS!

Red Test Tube: I still can't find the differ-


Rejoin Time votes

Scissors: *GASP!* THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! That is edited!

Globert: No, it's not dear. Bye~ ^w^

*4 Balls appear and hit the target boards (I think that's the name) and the 4 characters who did not have votes go to the water*

Baseball Cap: Wait a second, we are in those games of fair where someone is in a cabin and when a person hits the aim, the person inside falls?

Globert: Yeah~! fantastic, right?

Clock: N0t R3ally.

Globert: Well, as Red Test Tube had more than the others (with 2 Votes), she will come back.

Red Test Tube: BRAVO!

Baseball Cap & Bubble Wand: NOOOOOooooooooooo!

Globert: and since Bubble Wand, Baseball Cap and Clock have a 1 each, there will be a Tiebreaker!

Bubble Wand: Does that mean that only Baseball Cap, Clock or I could return to the show?

Globert: Sorry Miss Bubble Wand, but yes.

Baseball Cap: Stop calling her "Miss"!

Globert: Ooouuuh~ someone is jealous? 7w7

Baseball Cap: *Blush* W-what?! No no no no no no-

Globert: Well~ we are in the Final 3!

The Tiebreaker

Globert: To kill this draw, we're going to use the... Fruit Machine!, is the same function as Roulette, but it's a casino machine.

Globert: Listen well this> If the fruit machine falls / chooses in your name at random, that means you're going back!

Globert: 1... 2... 3.... GO!

*The fruit machine starts to work*

Globert: and the second contestant to return is...























Clock! *shit*

Baseball Cap & Bubble Wand: WHAT?!

Clock: yay1!

Globert: Yes... I didn't want him to come back either.

Clock: HEY1!!!1

Globert: Well, goodbye Mr. Cap and ♡ Miss Bubble Wand ♡

*2 balls appear and hit the center, causing Bubble Wand and Baseball Cap to fall into the water*

~ Results ~

Globert: and at the end, Red Test Tube and *cough unfortunately cough cough* Clock, congratulations, you return to the competition!

Red Test Tube: I promise to be active!

Clock: OwO

Globert: and here ends the first part guys and girls !, see you in the second part in "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)" thank you very much for coming~!

*Mysterious applause from people in the background*

Episode 07B: Adventures in Africa


NahuelFire39: Hello everyone! welcome again to "Guacamole (The Reboot)", the last time, 9 contestants eliminated had the opportunity, but 2 contestants could return, who are inquire-

Random Viewer: But we already saw who they were in the previous episode.

NahuelFire39: Shut up!. Well, since we have the 2 contestants, I'll call the other contestants.

(While in another place...)

Peppermint Lollipop: *She lollipop  runs up to little horn* Little horn do you know who this is  *shows a picture of green needle*

Little Horn: That's Green needle dummy

Peppermint Lollipop: Hmm... I suspected it from the beginning.

Little Horn: Ugh (-_-)

Gaster Blaster: *Sigh* I wonder who will return.

Little Horn: HA! I do not need to know it now because I've already read Episode 7A, do you want me to tell you who are~? >:)

Sunny: No! The Spoilers are bad!

Little Horn: Ugh! You are a bother.


School Blazer: O-ok!

Little Horn: Jeez.

A few minutes later...

NahuelFire39: Well guys, we are here to present the 2 concurants who returned.

School Blazer: I hope they are Baseball Cap and Bubble Wand :D

NahuelFire39: We'll see that, Globert! Come here to present the 2 Contestants.

*Globert makes a presentation with fireworks in the background while he makes a great pose*

School Blazer & Sunny: Wow! 😍🤩

Little Horn: Gaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!

Globert: HEY!!, that offends me! >:(

Little Horn: >:)

Gaster Blaster: At least he is more interesting than you.

Little Horn: Sure (⌐-⌐)

Globert: Leaving the fights behind, I'll tell you the contestants that-

Gaster Blaster: will come back? Yes, we heard enough of that.

Globert: Anyway. The 1st person that rejoined is...




Globert: Red Test Tube!

School Blazer: At least Scissors didn't come back... or did she come back? 😨

Globert: Nope~!, and well, the 2nd person that rejoined is...




Globert: Clock!

Gaster Blaster: Oh no...

Little Horn: Uh... yeah?

Clock: Yesh! :D

Globert: and last thing to mention: The 2 Rejoined Contestants (RTT and Clock), will have immunity in this episode because they returned!

Peppermint Lollipop: Aww :(

Globert: Thank you very much Nahuel for letting me be the Host of the "Rejoining Time" in episode 7A and for presenting the 2 Contestants ❤️

NahuelFire39: You're welcome, Globert, wait.

Globert: What's wrong?

NahuelFire39: What do you think of being the Co-Host?

Globert: *his only eye shines* Oh~! Really?!

NahuelFire39: Sip!

Globert: Thank you very much again! *hugs Nahuel*

Little Horn: Ugh, first we have the Weirdo back and now we have a effeminate as Co-Host? this is becoming bad.

Globert: (1.) I'm not effeminate! and (2.) With my charisma and acting, this Camp will be magnificent! 🤩

Little Horn: Whatever.


NahuelFire39: Well, today's challenge is to discover an exotic animal never seen in Africa, the one with the most interesting animal wins immunity.

Globert: The date where the challenge ends is September 20, good luck to all~


Peppermint Lollipop: Hey Clock, I have a question.

Clock: W0t is th3 q3st10N YO5 hAve f0r M8? [Translation: What is the question you have for me?]

Peppermint Lollipop: Why do you have arms- *Interrumped by Nahuel*


Globert: Ugh! Mr. Nahuel, can you stop screaming?

Nahuel: Ok- wait, you called me "Mr"?

Globert: Yes, it is for me to show my respect towards you~

Little Horn: Am I smelling "LGBT"?

Globert: Can you stop insinuating that I'm gay?

Little Horn: Because~?


Clock: xDDD

Globert: YOU SHUT UP!

Clock: oof 😢

Red Test Tube: Stop arguing!

NahuelFire39: Anyway, let's see the exotic animals that you found

~ Clock & 27 ~

27: Well, Clock and I found this thing:


NahuelFire39: Hmm... you gave him a name?

27: Yes, Clock named him as...


NahuelFire39: It's too weird.

27: I know.

~ Gaster Blaster ~

*Gaster Blaster brings Clock*

Gaster Blaster: I found this Monstrocity, which is an animal, and looks very weird, no wonder why Little Horn doesnt like this animal, altho i am enemies with him ...

Clock: 1'M n0t a An4mal!!!1!! [Translation: I'm not a animal!]

Gaster Blaster: Animals don't talk!

~ Little Horn ~

Little Horn: I guess you heard a myth called "the loch ness monster", right?

Peppermint Lollipop: It is of Swiss origin, I think.

Little Horn: Anyway, I have THAT monster! *shows the loch ness monster*

Clock: THe L0CH NE55 M0NST3R IS REAL!!! [Translation: The Loch Ness Monster is Real!]

Red Test Tube: That's wrong!

Sunny: Why do you say that?

Red Test Tube: Because with this, the believers of the monster of Loch Ness beat us.

Sunny: That's logical.

NahuelFire39: Well L.H., the only thing I can say about this is incredible.

Little Horn: Oh, Thank you~ >:)

Gaster Blaster: Wait, Little Horn said "Thank you" to someone? IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD!.

Clock: lol.

Little Horn: Oh shut up. (-_- )

~ Peppermint Lollipop ~

NahuelFire39: and Peppermint L, what do you have to show us?

Peppermint Lollipop: I don't know but- what is this Monster?


Monster: Candy!

Peppermint Lollipop: ahh! (It's eaten by the monster)

NahuelFire39: Uuuugh, Peppermint Lollipop died.

*Peppermint Lollipop is revived by a machine*

Gaster Blaster: Wait, is she alive?!

NahuelFire39: Yes, I secretly installed a machine called "The reviving machine", which, as its name says, revives the objects that died.

Sunny: That means we can relive Bowling Pin and Bowling Ball from TSFTW!!? :,D

NahuelFire39: Did I say that this machine also revives the objects of other Object Shows?

Sunny: No but-

NahuelFire39: There you have your answer 🙂

Sunny: ☹️

(♪ Sad Music here ♪)

NahuelFire39: and you? what did you do?

Sunny, School Blazer & Red Test Tube: Nothing?

NahuelFire39: 1 Strike for ADeletdAccount and 1 Strike for Nemolee.exe

Sunny, School Blazer & Red Test Tube: Aww :(

~ Winner of Inmunity ~

NahuelFire39: This decision was a bit difficult, but the winner of the challenge and who has immunity is...
















Little Horn!

Little Horn: Hell Yeah!

Clock & 27: Crap...

Gaster Blaster: But Monstrocity (Clock) is more interesting!

Globert: uh... That "Monstrocity" is actually a Clock.

Gaster Blaster: But it's different than the other Clocks!

Clock: Yehs! 1'm UN1qu3 1Nb d1FF3r3nt! [Translation: Yes! i'm unique and different! :D]

NahuelFire39: Already confirmed, Little Horn wins immunity and is safe from elimination.

Elimination Time!

NahuelFire39: Well, we're in "Elimination Time", so I'll tell you what-

Sunny: Please, don't repeat how this works, please :(

NahuelFire39: and your PLEASE let me finish (-_-), from here the Roulette will not be used.

27: Then the spectators will vote?

NahuelFire39: Nope!, the "Fruit Machine" will be used.

Sunny: You mean...?

NahuelFire39: The "Fruit Machine" will do the same as roulette, but with lever included.

NahuelFire39: But since we have little time, a change will be made... the first randomly chosen character will be eliminated.

All (Except Nahuel and Globert): WHAT?!

Globert: Yes, it was an idea invented by me~

Peppermint Lollipop: Nobody cares!

Globert: :(

(♪ Sad Music here... again ♪)

NahuelFire39: Let's start! >:D

*Nahuel pulls the lever and activates the "Fruit machine"*

*The "Fruit Machine" falls/chooses in...*

















All: *GASP!*

Sunny: What?! How?!

NahuelFire39: *Sigh* Well, Sunny, you're eliminated.

Little Horn: If the immunity was good enough for me, this is better >:)

Clock: No0o0o0o0o0o0o0sh Sunny!

Globert: Some last words Sunny?

Sunny: B-but I can fly- *is hit by a wooden stick by Nahuel*

NahuelFire39: (._. ) . . . Goodbye

*Nahuel throws Sunny out of the plane*

Globert: Well, that was unexpected.

Gaster Blaster: The unexpected thing was that you didn't do anything during this episode.

Globert: (-_-) Uuuuugh.

NahuelFire39: Well, that was all for today. See you in another episode of GUACAMOLE... The-

Globert: Reboot! >;D

NahuelFire39: 7_7

Episode 08: Inexperienced Chefs

Hello Italy

NahuelFire39: Hello everyone and welcome to "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)", the last time, there was a deletion that NO ONE expected.

Little Horn: And me what?

NahuelFire39: *Ignore L.H.* This episode will be very special, you will already know why... actually is not so special xD

Clock: OOF! 😂

~ In the meantime... ~

Peppermint Lollipop: *Sad* Scissors ... I'm sorry for cheating in the first episode and then blaming you ....

Peppermint Lollipop: In episode 2 you left! My team should have lost, it should be eliminated. Now I'm going to talk to School Blazer, to see if she understands me.

(Peppermint Lollipop approaches her, still feeling sad)

Peppermint Lollipop: School Blazer, I should have been eliminated instead of Scissors !, even know i wasnt on her team!

School Blazer: I understand you, but- *is interrupted by Peppermint Lollipop*

Peppermint Lollipop: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!, I didn't think you would get me, but good! FRIENDS FOREVER! *walks away from School B by jumping*

Red Tube Test: Did you understand what she meant?

School Blazer: Nope, and you?

Red Test Tube: Same.

27: Peppermint Lollipop was like that a few days ago, don't you worry?

Gaster Blaster: There's something that worries me...

27: and what is it?

Gaster Blaster: I'm worried because you and Clock received a lot of changes, and now Clock has 2 Arms.

Clock: 🤨

*Nahuel appears from nowhere*

NahuelFire39: Hello Guys!

All contestants: Hello :b

NahuelFire39: In this occasion, we will go to one of the countries in which his flag is similar to the Mexico's flag, but without a shield, Italy!

Gaster Blaster: Italy? This will be interesting.

Red Test Tube: Hmm... will we go to the Tower of Pisa?

NahuelFire39: Actually... NOPE!

Little Horn: What a wasted idea (-_-)

Red Test Tube: I know, right?

NahuelFire39: ...Just follow me


*The plane lands and they go to an Italian restaurant*

NahuelFire39: ANYWAYS, The challenge will be to cook food!

27: Sure, or that we were going to cook bottles (-_-)

NahuelFire39: Ok, Ok, You can cook anything like spaghetti, soup, etc. EXCEPT things related to blood or satanic, I'm talking to you, little horn.

Little Horn: I don't care.

NahuelFire39: Globert will be the only jury.

Globert: Yeah~.

Little Horn: Gosh, this will be bad.

NahuelFire39: The challenge ends on October 10, good luck!

Results (Time to Cooking!)

Red Test Tube: JOHN CENA! *shatters herself, resulting in a red chemical coming out*

Globert: *Sigh* *Globert pulls out a vacuum and sucks up the red contents on the floor*

(While with 27 & Clock...)

27: Hmm... Hey Clock, do you have any ingredients for our smoothie?

Clock: Fruit!

27: Okey... That's normal.

Clock: Veggies!

27: Welp, that should do it.


(10 Minutes Later...)

27: Welp, it only took us 600 seconds, but we are finally done.

Clock: I cAn'T wAiT fOr ThE jUdGe To TaStE It!11!11! [Translation: I can't wait for the judge to taste it!]

(With Peppermint L..)

Peppermint Lollipop: I know what to do~...

*20 Minutes Later...*

Peppermint Lollipop: i made Itailian Soup, but did i plagerize someone? or i didnt copy it right.

Gaster Blaster: You were lucky, but I'll be watching you... (◣◡◢)

Peppermint Lollipop: Uh??? (°ヘ°)

(With School Blazer...)

School Blazer: I have an idea!

(30 Minutes Later...)

School Blazer: Like it? It's pasta handmade from Italy, willing with lobster, Kalamon and Cerignola olives, chicken, mozzerella, shallots, and sun dried tomatoes. All dressed in Basil Pesto sauce!

Little Horn: Suddenly they are willing with Digimons. Its official, Humanity sucks,

School Blazer: Silly, they are types of olives. I know all of this, I'm really great at cooking...

Little Horn: Humanity is being dumb with Naming Food Part 1

School Blazer: That's rude!

Little Horn: You do know that we are not humans right? Humans are more dumb with naming things, such as light green colored grapes being called White Grapes. Do i have to mention about crocodiles and alligator being 2 diffrent species according to humans while they pretty much have loads of similiarities. The only diffrent is the teeth and other things. Jeez, Humans are dumb creatures ever since these things existed.

School Blazer: You just hate everyone...

Little Horn: Uhhh... no, i dont.

School Blazer: That's not true because-

Random Scene in Episode 8

27: Uh... you know what they're talking about? (' · _ · `)

NahuelFire39: Sincerely, nope. (' · _ · `)

(Gaster Blaster sees how School Blazer and Little Horn argue, but he does not understand them)

Gaster Blaster: (But what...) I better do the challenge *see that he has no arms* darn it... why does being limbless have to cause problems to me? anyways... i can still try this!

(Gaster Blaster Goes to Portal 5, Blasts down a Mammoth which drops a Cocacola Bottle, and flies back to Italy) (Credits to the creator of Portal RPG, uh.. it's Battleviiew the creator of Portal RPG?... ok, but still)

Gaster Blaster: Luckily i had the Portal summon thingy The Guide gave to me, however... its not really cooked... well, i assume since it came from the Ice Age, it OBVIOUSLY should be Cold... right?

(When Little Horn stopped arguing with School Blazer)

Little Horn: Hell, she's annoying, I hope I didn't waste time in that stupid conversation with her.

(Little Horn sees that there is little time left in a Normal Clock)

Little Horn: Ugh, I'm wasting time. *A lightbulb comes out on his head*, I have an idea~

(Little Horn Holes in Cooked Food from a 5-Star hotel)

Little Horn: Who needs effort when you can copy paste work from the better?

Time is up!

Globert: Time is up!, it's time to taste the food that you made yourself~

✕ Clock & 27 ✕

Globert: and this Smoothie?

Clock: DUH!

27: Yes, this Smoothie is from Vegetables!

Globert: *Drink the Vegetable Smoothie* Hmm... sweet.

Clock & 27: YAY!

✕ Red Test Tube ✕

Globert: She is dead, so...

✕ Little Horn ✕

Globert: *See the food "from" Little Horn* It shows that you cook very well, right?

Little Horn: Yes~, I'm an expert cooking >;)

Globert: Well, to test! *Eat some of the food that Little Horn has* is delicious!

Little Horn: I know.

Globert: *Keep eating* 

✕ School Blazer ✕

School Blazer: Feel free to eat this food NOT stolen (referring to Little Horn)

Globert: Ok! *Eat some of the food from School Blazer* It's very good ~

School Blazer: Thank you~! 😊

✕ Peppermint Lollipop ✕

Globert: I guess this is an Italian Soup, right?

Peppermint Lollipop: Yes! How did you know?

Globert: We are in Italy, and in Italy there is Soup.

Peppermint Lollipop: Ok?

Globert: *Eats/drinks the Italian soup* Meh ...

Peppermint Lollipop: "Meh"? What's wrong with it?

Globert: It's not as delicious as I expected.

Peppermint Lollipop: ... F*ck. 😠

✕ Gaster Blaster ✕

Gaster Blaster: Here you have *give a bottle of Cocacola to Globert*

Globert: Thank you very much~! * drink *, refreshing, but not valid as food.

Gaster Blaster: and the Mammoth?


Gaster Blaster: ???


Clock & 27: 7/10

Red Test Tube: 0/10

Little Horn: 10/10

School Blazer: 10/10

Peppermint Lollipop: 6/10

Gaster Blaster: 5/10

Globert: Phew! Those meals really were delicious. I think I gained some weight, but I still look good~

Fat Bat

Clock: THICC 😎

NahuelFire39: Well, apparently Little Horn and School Blazer won the Challenge.

*Little Horn & School Blazer look challenging at each other*

NahuelFire39: However, we have now our eliminated~.

Peppermint Lollipop: REALLY!?

NahuelFire39: Yeah, this challenge was a Elimination Challenge.

27: I can't believe it O_o

NahuelFire39: and you must believe it ... RTT is automatically eliminated, because she got 0 points of 10.

Elimination Time!

(On the plane...)

NahuelFire39: Good Globert, you know what to do.

Globert: Ok.

*Globert holds a glass jar with the content of Red Test Tube and throws it out of the plane*

27: think it was something predictable, do not you think the same Clock?

Clock: Maube?

NahuelFire39: and here ends the episode my dear readers, see you in another episode of "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)", Goodbye! xD

Episode 09: Finally! a TRUE Final 6


NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): The last time in "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)", 7 remaining contestants went to Italian italy (?) To make unforgettable dishes for our friend already chubby Globert xD

Globert: Hey! >:(

NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): Little Horn and School Blazer had a "pretty" understandable discussion.
Random Scene in Episode 8


NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): And that interestingly, both had the highest score in the challenge. But not all had the same luck, Red Test Tube did a stupid thing that made her lose the competition.

~ Red Test Tube: JOHN CENA! *shatters herself, resulting in a red chemical coming out* ~

~ *Globert holds a glass jar with the content of Red Test Tube and throws it out of the plane* ~

NahuelFire39: Will there be more discussions?, Will there be more dialogues made by the Users in the comments?, Will this be bad? discover it right now in "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)".

~ ♪ INTRO ♫ ~

(On the plane...)

27: Finally we have an intro!

Little Horn: But he didn't show us HOW is the intro (-_-)

Clock: 4Nd WHAt d1d Y0U 3XpECt? th1s Is b31ng WRitt3n. [Translation: And what did you expect? this is being written.]

Little Horn: Uh.. what? (ರ_ರ)

Clock: (• ω •)

27: Hey, Little Horn. How is your friendship with School Blaze?

Little Horn: FRIENDSHIP? ha!, she and I are now: Enemies.

27: That's... great? I had several enemies in the past, but Clock killed them for me :)

Little Horn: ( O_o) * looks at Clock *

Clock: (^ ω ^) ~♪

(In another part of the plane...)

Peppermint Lollipop: Hey Gaster Blaster, is not this funny?

(Walks and pours purple paint on School Blazer)

Gaster Blaster: NO. It is not!, why did you do that?!

Peppemint Lollipop: Fun~?

School Blazer: PEPPERMINT LOLLIPOP! *Runs close to Peppermint L*

Peppermint Lollipop: Bye Glasty!! *Runs away from School Blaze*

Gaster Blaster: Glasty? (ಠ_ಠ)?

NahuelFire39 (In the Pilot's seat): HEAR ALL! We are going to terrorize Switzerland! Hold on tight!

(In the montains of Switzerland...)

NahuelFire39: We are here in the mountains of Switzerland, to do in a Skiing Challenge, does anyone have doubts?

Gaster Blaster: How many Contestants are left? 6?

Little Horn: Yup. 6. And that means that luck is going to get you some losing

NahuelFire39: Ah, yes. This is Final 6.

Final 6

Final 6

Clock: Yay.


NahuelFire39: Anyway, as I said before, this challenge is skiing. You, on this high mountain, will begin the challenge: you must ski from below until you reach the goal, HOWEVER, you will have to grab 3 flags with their specific colors on the mountain

(Stupid Example: 3 Flags for Schoo Blazer, 3 Flags for Clock, etc)

⚐ Colors of the Flags ⚐

žSchool Blazer ➜ Green

Clock ➜ Violet

Gaster Blaster ➜ Blue

Peppermint Lollipop ➜ White

27 ➜ Orange

Little Horn ➜ Red

NahuelFire39: The first 3 contestants who bring their respective 3 flags and reach the goal, will have immunity. Meanwhile in the elimination... there will be a surprise for readers~.

School Blazer: And Globert?

NahuelFire39: He will be exercising to lose some weight xD

(The challenge ends on October 21) (^w^)


The Challenge starts!

(Little Horn Holes himself to the mountain to grab the Red flags, aswell at the other colored flags)

Little Horn: Hope nobody will notice

(Little Horn holes away as quick as possible)

(Gaster Blaster arrives flying and couldn't see the flag anywhere)

Gaster Blaster: Where are my flags? \ (`Д´) /

(School Blazer realizes Little Horn has all of her flags, and she tackles him.)

Little Horn: HEY!

(She (School Blaze) grabs all 3 of her flags and skis to the finish line)

School Blazer: Here you have *She gives the Blue Flags to Gaster Blaster*

Gaster Blaster: Thank you!

(Gaster Blaster flies to the finish line)

School Blazer: Cheaters never win. I dunno where Little Horn's flags are though.

(A hole appears at the finish line, Little Horn jumping out of it with his flags)

Little Horn: Got eem!

School Blazer: You don't have one flag... And plus, me and Gaster Blaster got here first. Wait.... NAHUELFIRE39! LITTLE HORN IS CHEATING!

Little Horn: Correct, i got 3 flags.

School Blazer: Nope. You are MISSING one flag.

Peppermint Lollipop: *Sking to the  goal with her 3 White Flags* Almost there! *Reachs the goal* Yes!. Wait a minute... Little Horn!, I saw you went to the goal with out your flags i saw you get your flags and you went back, i saw you this whole time! CHEATER!

School Blazer: Good Girl 😉

Little Horn: Whatever, The final 6 is where trouble come.


NahuelFire39: Well~ after watching the replay of the challenge, the Ace Book spams messages saying that Little Horn cheated and saw the proofs you gave me: This was the result of the challenge:


1st: School Blazer (3/3 Flags)

2nd: Gaster Blaster (3/3 Flags)

3rd: Peppermint Lollipop (3/3 Flags)

4th: Little Horn (2/3 Flags) (For cheating)

5th/6th: Clock & 27 (0/3 Flags) (They didn't make the challenge)

NahuelFire39: It seems that Little Horn, 27, and Clock will go to elimination! (By the way, a Strike for BFDIbiggestfan for not doing the challenge.)

27: *Sigh* welp, to the elimination...

NahuelFire39: However~

27: Uh?

NahuelFire39: The spectators are going to vote WHO will be eliminated!

Little H, Clock & 27: WHAT?!?!

NahuelFire39: Yup, a Twist! it's too bad I didn't take a picture of you, you should have seen their faces to realize this xD

Clock: TH1s S9Cks! [Translation: This sucks!]

Little Horn: For the first time I agree with you, Weirdo (-_-) /

NahuelFire39: Following with the Twist, you (the spectators) have to vote which of the last 3 must be eliminated, you can vote the poll that is below.

Poll: (X _ X)

The Voting Ended!

Episode 10: Little Horn VS. ¡GUACAMOLE Team!


NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): The last time in "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)", the 6 remaining contestants went to the snowy mountains of Switzerland to show their way of skiing and to pay attention such as grabbing 3 flags. (I'm realizing that I did like 3 snow-related challenges in the episodes of Argentina, Canada (I think) and now with Switzerland, lol), Oh, and they also came to the real "Final 6".

NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): Little Horn cheated by stealing the flags of the other contestants.

~ Gaster Blaster: Where are my flags? \ (`Д') / ~

NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): However, his plans were frustrated thanks to the fact that School Blazer noticed.

~ *School Blazer realizes Little Horn has all of her flags, and she tackles him.* ~

Little Horn: HEY! ~

NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): Having Peppermint Lollipop as a witness...

Peppermint Lollipop: CHEATER! ~

NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): And for not having all the Red Flags, he was 4th Place.

NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): Clock and 27 had no relevance in the Challenge, since they did not.

27 & Clock: Sorry! ;-;

NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): What surprises will we have in the "Elimination Time"?, Who will go home? Read it right now in "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)"!.

~ ♪ INTRO ♫ ~

(On the plane ...)

Gaster Blaster: Hmm... I hope Clock is eliminated.

27: Eh?! Why?!?

Gaster Blaster: It's logical, right? Clock was eliminated in the episode "Snow Time", and returned in the Episode "Adventures in Africa", that is, Clock is a Rejoiner, and the rejoiners never win!

27: And what you explains the Green Rocky's victory in BTWTUP? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Eʜ?

Gaster Blaster: Don't put that Lenny face, Oᴋ?

27: Whatever. (-_-)

(School Blazer approaches Gaster Blaster & 27)

School Blazer: Hey, what are you two talking about?

Gaster Blaster: I'm telling 27 that Rejoiners like Clock shouldn't win.

27: I still await my answer about Green Rocky's victory...

School Blazer: Then...?

27: Who do you think will be eliminated, Clock or Little Horn?

School Blazer: OBVIOUSLY. Little Horn.

Gaster Blaster: Wait, why?

School Blazer: Because Little Horn cheated in the previous episode and that he and I hated each other.

(School Blazer notices something)

School Blazer: G.B., Because you think that Clock and Little Horn could be eliminated and not 27.

Gaster Blaster: Because he didn't do anything ...

School Blazer: And?

Gaster Blaster: Actually I don't know, I'm just assuming. Since he and Clock didn't make (do) the challenge last time, there's not much to talk about.

Clock: W4s s0MeonNE m3NTOO1iñnign me?! :D [Translation: Was someone mentioning me?! :D]

Gaster Blaster: And~ he is here...

Clock: Howdy! (^w^)

27: Yay, Clock is here! (◠ v ◠)

School Blazer: Speaking of Clock, where will Little Horn be?

27: Ehh, he's talking to Peppermint Lollipop in the passenger seats, that is, something behind the plane.

School Blazer: and why is he with Peppermint L?

Clock: IDK

School Blazer: Anyway, I hope it's not a bad thing.

(Meanwhile with Peppermint Lollipop & Little Horn ...)

Peppermint Lollipop: Let's see, let's see, remember me the bet please.

Little Horn: Uuugh, fine. When I am eliminated, I give you a $5 and you win the bet, BUT, if Clock or 27 is eliminated, I win the bet and you will give me $1,000,000.

Peppermint Lollipop: EH!? Why do you give me so little?!

Little Horn: Because seeing as you are, that money is the maximum for you.

Peppermint Lollipop: Okay. (-_- *)

Little Horn: Anyway... Are you sure you do not want to self-eliminate yourself? You know, to be with Scissors~

Peppermint Lollipop: Hey, I miss Scissors a lot, but that does not mean I should eliminate myself that way, I must be strong!

Little Horn: Meh, as you want.


Elimination Time!

NahuelFire39: After a damn time, we are here for the elimination, this time, with the votes of the spectators!

Peppermint Lollipop: Loose!

NahuelFire39: Shut up!. Well, Globert is going to say the elimination votes.

School Blazer: Wait, did Globert return to his normal state?

NahuelFire39: Yeah, and now the votes!

~ Votes ~

Globert: Hello everyone, Globert is here-

Little Horn: Nobody cares.

Globert: *Ignore Globert* We started!


Globert: Impressively (or not), 27 has no votes!

(Globert gives Marshmallow to 27)


Globert: and there are the Clock with problems and... Little Horn.


Little Horn: Ok, Clock is eliminated bye!


Globert: Well, the eliminated is YOU, Little Horn.

Little Horn: wait, WHAT?

Globert: Votes results is... here!

Voting Result

  • Little Horn - (14 Votes)
  • Clock - (9 Votes)
  • 27 - (0 Votes)

NahuelFire39: Then goodbye-

Little Horn: NO!

NahuelFire39: eh, "No"?

Little Horn: Yes and No !, this is not going to stay like this!

Peppermint Lollipop: and what are you going to do? throw us a Troll Bomb? Haha!

Little Horn: How do you know I would do that?

Peppermint Lollipop: Wait, what-

Little Horn: *Pulls out a Troll Bomb and throws it to the others* Hehehe~ *creates a hole and escapes*

Gaster Blaster: And that's why I hate the Final 6...


(Everyone falls towards his disdain)

Nahuel and the other contestants: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!

(They keep falling until they reach an ocean but close to an island)


Peppermint Lolllipop: *Her top/head comes out of the water* *GASP!* ARE WE ALL ALIVE?!

Gaster Blaster: Yes, and are you well?

School Blazer: and I think- wait, why are you levitating?

Gaster Blazer: I always levitated then, duh?

Globert: I'm also levitating, rather, Flying... duh?

Gaster Blaster: Don't imitate me.

School Blazer: In the same way where are we?

NahuelFire39: We are in Gianluca Rizzetto, Tenerife one of the largest islands in Spain?

27: I didn't know that Spain has islands.

Clock: WH1 DId YOu th1NK 4b04t tHQt? [Translation: Why did you think about that?]

27: I don't know, the fall affected me a bit, I think XD.

Globert: Anyway, we have to swim or fly, to get to that place.

NahuelFire39: Good luck we're close, come on guys.

(G.B and Globert fly until they reach that island while the others continue to swim)

School Blazer: *Uff* *Uff* We arrived!

27: And without the plane! (^‿^)


Gaster Blaster: And now you mention that? (⌐-⌐)

Clock: lmao

Gaster Blaster: One does not simply ask for a plane when i could just carry all of us to... where should we go actually? Not like someone is bombing entire countries right now-


Peppermint Lollipop: Did you have to say that?! Moron!

(A hole appears in the ground)

NahuelFire39: A hole?

27: That means...

(Little Horn appears)

Little Horn: Hello~


School Blazer: What are you doing here, Little Horn? >:(

Little Horn: Revenge maybe?

27: Anyway, if you want revenge, YOU'LL HAVE TO KILL US!

School Blazer: But what are you saying?!

Gaster Blaster: I don't understand this drama so much, I just have to shoot him with my ray and done.

NahuelFire39: You can't.

Gaster Blaster: Why not?

NahuelFire39: If you did that, this episode would be short.

Clock: Th4Ts TRU3 [Translation: That's true]

Little Horn: Ha! >xD

Peppermint Lollipop: Anyway, we have to defeat you in some way !, I know...


NahuelFire39: Well guys, this apparently will be his or our next challenge: Defeat Little Horn, together.

Gaster Blaster: Are you sure you don't want me to use my-

NahuelFire39: Nope!, the challenge ends on November 25.


Gaster Blaster: Screw it!

(Gaster Blaster blasts Little Horn but Little Horn throws a bomb at it)

Little Horn: You heard him. No blasting me~.

School Blazer: This might be weird, but it will work.

(School Blazer shows a cross at Little Horn.)

Little Horn: Even tho Crosses upside DOWN are a thing in hell, you tried.

Blazer School: No, my cross is not upside down, THEN MELT!

Little Horn: Welp... *Melts*

Clock & 27: YAY!

NahuelFire39: Ugh, hell, I thought this would be longer, something epic, you know?

Peppermint Lollipop: Anyway, we won!

Globert: However ~, BFDINeedle and BiggestFan did not make the challenge, so they get a Strike!

Clock, 27 & Peppermint L: WHAT ?!

Peppermint Lollipop: But if School Blazer finished before we knew how to do something!

Globert: Anyway, I had a chat with a friend in private, I told him/her about this... and he told me that it is valid for him to give a Strike to you.

Clock: NO!

NahuelFire39: *Sigh* Well, then this means that Clock, 27 and Peppermint Lollipop need new users.

NahuelFire39: and well here the episode ends and-

Gaster Blaster: Wait, what about the plane, how do we continue this?

NahuelFire39: We're going to have that in the next episode of "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)".

Episode 11: Fashion + Foreigners = France!

Flag of France-0

NahuelFire39 (Voiceover): The last time in "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)-

27: Can we stop the presentation?! What the hell happened to you?!

NahuelFire39: Ok, Ok, I'm so sorry for the delay, it's that I had many personal jobs like drawing, writing a parody, etc.

27: We hope this is worth it...

NahuelFire39:... Come intro.

~ ♪ INTRO ♫ ~

Gaster Blaster: Well, where are we going to find a new plane?


NahuelFire39: Yay! a new plane!

Clock: ★ 彡 loƃıɔ!! 彡 ★ 『Translation: ★ 彡 Logic!! 彡 ★』

Gaster Blaster: Wha the Duck? What's wrong with Clock?

NahuelFire39: I updated it, now his texts are now Upside Down, xD

School Blazer: Leaving behind the illogical, where are we going now?

NahuelFire39: I'll say that... After the surprise elimination.

Peppermint Lollipop: Surprise elimination?

NahuelFire39: Yeah, this will be fast, and I think at the same time, nothing impressive.

27: and what is it?

NahuelFire39: Well~, the contestant eliminated is ...

















27: WHAT?!!??!?!??!!?

Clock: uoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

『Translation: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo』

Gaster Blaster: Yeah! Thank you!

NahuelFir39: Bye Clock!

(Nahuel kicks Clock very hard, sending it away to who knows where.)


School Blazer: R.I.P. Clock

NahuelFire39: Anyway, get on the new plane and we're going to... FRANCE!

Globert: Oh yeah! France, successful fashion (☆w☆)

Peppermint Lollipop: At least there will be no more evil jokes from Little Horn, wait... LITTLE HORN MISS ME MY 5 DOLLARS!

NahuelFire39: Afternoon, we're going to France!

(Nahuel, Globert and the remaining contestants get on the plane)

(Minutes later and in France...)

School Blazer: It's good that we're already in my country.

27: wait, since when are you French? Rather, SINCE WHEN ARE YOU FRENCH?

School Blazer: Did you notice that you repeated your question?


Globert: Shut up! Welp, we are in France, the place where the Eiffel Tower is, beautiful clothes and perfect paintings to remember.

Gaster Blaster: We can go directly to what is the challenge? I don't know if I can stand being in this object show.


NahuelFire39: The challenge today is to make clothes!

Peppermint Lollipop: Yay, wait, I know how to make clothes?

27: *Facepalm* (-_-)

Gaster Blaster: Good luck I have the robotic arms, but I don't know much about fashion.

27: Same.

(Users, you can make a clothes made in drawing, if you are not so good at drawing, try it in Photoshop)

The challenge ends on: January 15.


NahuelFire39: Well, are you ready to show your clothes?

Gaster Blaster: No.

27 & School Blazer: Yes!

Peppermint Lollipop: I don't think so.

✕ School Blazer ✕

NahuelFire39: Very nice job! 8/10.

✕ 27 ✕

NahuelFire39: Honestly, it's not so good, but you tried, 6/10.

Elimination Time?

(On the plane...)

NahuelFire39: like Gaster Blaster and Peppermint Lollipop did not do the clothes, both receive a Strike ... I hate to say this, but... Goodbye P.L. This was your last strike, goodbye.

Peppermint Lollipop: Wait, WH-

*Peppermint Lollipop is pushed by Globert*

Peppermint Lollipop: AAAAAAAaaaaaaaah!....

NahuelFire39: Well... Final 3. Congratulations School Blazer, Gaster Blaster and 27, you are the last contestants that are left, the final will be done in Episode 12. Until then, we will see you in the "great" final in "GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)".

(Voting ends in 10th of February)


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