Golf Ball angry

" I think I know what's going on, you bought Football is scared of Spikes, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
Football is scared of Spikes was adopted by AzUrArInG. Henceforth, all rights, continuity, and proper use settings go to AzUrArInG, who now says what is in-character and what is not in this article's vicinity. Though everyone can edit this article, AzUrArInG has the final say on their character from the rules from the Object Show Fanonpedia.

Football is scared of Spikes is a 2016 Object Masters short made by AzUrArInG. It would be the first solo appearance of Football.


Football is seen walking and then sees a pair of spikes, and then screams and runs away.



Football is scared of Spikes was released on December 19th 2016, and it was made while The Football Gang was still being worked on.



  • The first solo appearance of Football.
  • The first Object Masters short that is really short.
  • The first time Football screams, however it wasn't made by AzUrArInG himself, instead he used the Noah scream made by the YouTuber known as Atarster, he wouldn't do his official scream until Object Masters Episode 2: A Singing Competition.
  • The first short Football is seen without Bill.
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