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football's body

FootBall seen in the intro

Football's old body

FootBall is one of the meanest contestats on TOATI. he has been rarely seen after being eliminated in episode 4. FootBall has no chance at winning TOATI


Over-all, FootBall is a pretty mean contestant and is nobody's friend, except gun, who's also really mean. FootBall likes kicking people to see what it's like to be in his shoes, even though he dosn't have any.

Football front.png


FootBall acts alot like blocky, but sometimes he is nice if you call him the best person ever. Football has a gang called the killers, and they're the baddest gang in TOATi history. The gang has Boomerang (the leader), Claw (the helpful one), FootBall (The Kicker), Gun (the knocker), Icicle (The Sharp One),potato (the second in command) and chili pepper (the crazy)


Football is also on BOO. LINK>http://battle-of-objects.wikia.com/wiki/Football