Flower Tree is a female OC by Cutiesunflower.


She is nice, and kind, though she can be shy sometimes. She can save anyone since she has strong arms sometimes. She can sometimes blush like what Cake did in BFB.


She appears to be a tree with seven flowers on top of her. Her flower designs are charming centaury flowers stuck to her leaves to make her look more beautiful. She can sometimes wear a hawaii skirt, like Flower Grassy. She later had a redesign who is redesigned by NauhelFire39.


Object Sun

She will compete as a contestant in Object Sun.

Battle To Win The Ultimate Prize

She is one of the contestants who is competing in Battle To Win The Ultimate Prize.

Episode 1: The Beginning

Her score from her song is 9/10 because of her being beautiful. She is later chosen into Flower Grassy's team.

Episode 2: The First Elimination

She got 6/10 for the cake challenge, making her get her first lose token, but she is still safe for being up for elimination.

Episode 3: Are you Smarter than a box?

Flower Tree got 3/5 on her test, and her team is not up for elimination.

Episode 4: Merge Time

She lost 15 points due to her having a lose token, along with Baseball Cap, and are ended up in the danger zone.

Episode 5: There is a POINT of winning

In episode 5, she got 1 vote, but due to her lose token, she got 2 votes, but she is still safe. Flower Tree ended up doing better in the challenge and placed 4th, but she is still in the danger zone.

Episode 6: Strategy On your mind Through the course

Like episode 2, she did worst in the challenge. Flower Tree wasn't supposed to duck it as it's close to the ground, making her get a lose token once again, and she is still in the danger zone.

Episode 7: What a coincidence

She is safe, yet again, with 1 vote, but because of her Loke Token, she got 2 votes, but she is still safe from being eliminated. She barely did good in the challenge, making her kill only 75, only beating Green Rocky, who did the worst, and she is still in the danger zone.

Episode 8: Swim through or else you will be Drowned

She is safe, but with 1 vote this time. She placed 3rd in the challenge only beaten by Baseball Cap and Bubble Wand.

Episode 9: just stay here

After being in the bottom two for a few episodes, she has finally been eliminated with 3 votes.


  • She is the first plant to be created by Cutiesunflower in 2018.
  • She is one of the Tree Clones.
  • She is the first object character to be created by Cutiesunflower in 2018.


Names in other languages

شجرة الزهرة - Arabic

花树 - Chinese

Arbre aux fleurs - French

花木 - Japanese

꽃 나무 - Korean

Цветочное дерево - Russian

Cây hoa - Vietnamese

Árbol de flores - Spanish

Albero di fiori - Italian

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