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"Yay! Hee-hee, Flower, you're such a good friend!" - Furry Ball
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Out of my way! I need my space!

Flower, labeled The Nice Redden, is a female contestant and serves as an antagonist.

In BFDI she ranked 4th(4). She does not have many friends. She is mean to the other people, earning her a huge dislike from the other characters. But somehow, she rejoined at semi-finals of BFDI, getting eliminated after that. She is also a contestant on Battle for BFDI. She is now competing in the Have Nots.


Flower appears to be a yellow flower with pink petals. Her petals are a light shade of magenta and are shaped as squircles, her center is yellow and she has a black stick body.



She is very mean and a big bully. She believes that she is the most important player. Her real personality is the opposite when she's with her friends, like when she didn't complain about Puffball talking about Nickel.


She is the meanest contestant on the show, and surprisingly never got to the bottom 8.

She can be eliminated really early most times, because of the way she treats others, and because of her mean attitude.

Object Division:

Flower hates Lightbulb. She hates almost all the characters.

Battle for Dream Island

While battling in BFDI, she was generally disliked by most of the contestants, as her temper was incredibly short. Flower tends to express anger and rage, even against the host, and feels that nothing should stop her in her path to win the competition. She is also insectophobic (fear of insects), as evidenced in many episodes throughout Battle for Dream Island. This case was first mentioned in "Take the Plunge: Part 1" by Match and Pencil in a conversation, and eventually shown in "Don't Pierce My Flesh" and "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". She sometimes forces other contestants into doing things for her, such as when she demanded Bubble and Firey to get her over the rock wall in episode 23.

Battle for BFDI

In Battle for BFDI, Flower retains her egocentric and narcissistic attitude (only befriending Ruby because she thought Flower looked beautiful), but she is noticeably less violent than before. Despite this, she is not below threatening to crush those who call her ugly. She is willing to do most anything in her quest to be perceived as beautiful, going as far as to try to stay incredibly contorted just to meet Ruby's beauty standards. She also seems to be more naive and have a loose grasp on logic, such as demanding Black Hole to open a jar of cyanide for her even when it's explained to her that him doing that is a "bad idea".

Battle For BFB

She is more upbeat and excited when she is on a new team beacause of her teammated in what roles they can carry out for her.

Fan Fiction

Object RPG

Flower is a character in Object RPG and is a 1 Star character, in fact the hardest out of the beginning selection. She starts with 14HP, but that slowly improves as she levels up.


  • Level 1 - Petal Pounce. She takes off her petals and hits her opponents with them. They each do 1 - 2 damage. It is random whether she uses only 1 petal, or all 5. She can use any amount.
  • Level 4 - Flower Heal. She heals her allies by 3HP. This amount improves as she levels up.


  • Faye Thayer (Opinduver)
  • Maggie Berry (KittyFan2004)
  • Felicia O'Connell (Ze Tossere)
  • Isabella Smith (CartoonsareLife!)
  • Jamie "The Meanie" Celace (ImFictionalAdmin)
  • Fiona Jackie Jada Ashley Sincere John Aamuris (BalloonFanThatBoialt)
  • Flora Springsky (Pimimyun)
  • Faith Beudyqween (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)
  • Flowie Blossomia (TheRobloxianGuy67)
  • The Chosen One (Charles Calvin in Super Smash Bros. Crossover)


  • American (Opinduver, KittyFan2004)
  • Canadian (U4Again)
  • New Zealander (Ze Tossere)
  • Singaporean (ImFictionalAdmin)
  • Australian (AwesomeTails)
  • Scottish-English (Pimimyun)
  • American (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)
  • British (TheRobloxianGuy67)
  • The Creator (Super Smash Bros. Crossover, DLC Only)

Where Flower is From

  • Arlington, Virginia (KittyFan2004)
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (U4Again)
  • Dunedin, New Zealand (Ze Tossere)
  • Premonitory Mansion
  • Paris, France (MrFlamerBoy)
  • Objectpolis (EvanVizuett)
  • Chicago, Illinois (AwesomeTails)
  • Somewhere in Scotland (Pimimyun)
  • Houston, Texas (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)
  • Manchester, United Kingdom (TheRobloxianGuy67)
  • Space (Super Smash Bros. Crossover,Dlc Only)(Moved to Top Hat Square,Figi,Stickman Continent,Pacific Ocean)


  • June 19, 2008 (Pinekones)
  • June 27, 1995 (KittyFan2004)
  • April 27, 1997 (U4Again)
  • November 8, 1985 (Ze Tossere)
  • June 11, 2005 (TheGamerAlex2004)
  • September 26 2000 (ZanyWays217)
  • April 13, 1995 (BalloonFanThatBoialt)
  • July 4, 2022 (EvanVizuett)
  • April 1, 1999 (AwesomeTails)
  • September 3 1985 (Cartoonsarelife!)
  • June 18, 1996 (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)
  • April 19, 2004 (TheRobloxianGuy67)
  • 13.8 Billion Years ago (Super Smash Bros. Crossover)


She Married Blocky To Make Floky

Another Average Object Show

Flower briefly appears in Steak At Stake as a judge. Opinions:

  • Team Atomic: Their steak was under cooked, and not medium rare like RLOS specified. Score: 4
  • Team Spectrum: Best steak out of both of them. Score: 9


Flower was an antagonist and made it far, but lost at 6th place. She wasn't let on for OBVIOUS REASONS.

5 Star War

She Is Host And Thus Cannot Be Eliminated. She Has A Ipad In Contests And In Trapping Time.

Ultimate Object World

Flower was one of the few meanest contestants on the show, even threating to crush the people who voted her, in the 1st episode, Pin pushed her off the bar due to her being a jerk to everyone, she got eliminated the following episode at 2 dislikes, she rejoined later in the game, being a tad bit nicer, but after a couple episodes of being safe, she was kicked off again with 12 votes against her.

The Ultimate Battle

Flower was actually a lot nicer than usual and becomes a protagonist. On the first week she kills MePhone and Cloudy for killing Golf Ball. She ends up winning for her team with her alliance (excluding Golf Ball who died). On week 2 the challenge was rock paper scissors and she faced Cloudy her rival but lost. She was up for voting and it was contestant vote. Only 1 person voted, which was Cloudy who voted for her, meaning she would be eliminated, but the announcer let her stay because no one else voted.

Object Division

Flower was on the PRC (Paper Recovery Center). Then she got eaten. She becomes a protagonist in the second episode.

Super Smash Bros. Crossover

She was in an egg along side arceus 13.8 Billion years ago. She then hatched creating galaxies. She also made another realm called the distortion realm for corrupted souls. When earth was made she tested life by turning some water into Teardrop. She then made a new form called Citizen Form. She then went in a cave with one of every ancient pokemon. After the meteor she went there to call her home. This story was not mentioned until the 2nd DLC Level Sunscraper Spire. In the 6th Level Tophet Clans Hideout she came along David and Dora and they formed the Flow-Team. Unfortunately for flower david and dora were defeated by the Right-Hand Man. However, she found a reviving machine and revived Charles Calvan who as passed away. After she revenged Right-Hand man he did his final breath but then Charles Calvin became a card. She later helped the Mario Bros after Mario's defeat by Tai Con Crow. She was later in the crowd in Operation: Troll Rocket Steal. Before the battle,Meta Knight,King Dedede and Shadow where turned into cards and so flower had to save kirby and threatpack.

The Ultimate Weapon

During Team of Highly Recycling Earners At The headquarters of Pacific At Check Kastle(Flower,Victini,Threatpack,Shadow,Meta Knight,King Dedede), they bumped into Team Dark(Dark Samus,Dark Kirby,Morpho Knight). Later the team got turned into cards. She was later revived by Bat Spin and her mission was to stop Top hat station from falling down on earth. She then got exited when Rayman dies because she hated that franchise.

Object Shows: Infinity War

She was the evil one and caused half the universe to die and kill 99% of the objects leaving only her and her friends since they got power from the stones making protection


  • "You better vote for me, or I'll...I'll crush you!" Flower in various occasions
  • "High five, Leafy!" Flower to Leafy in BFDI after Rocky 's elimination
  • "I may be a meany stinky girl, but your a meanie stinky girl to!" flower discussing her personal problems in Entity Experiences..
  • "Now THAT I meant to do." Flower after killing Cloudy in TUB
  • "Can I join?" Flower asking to join the girls alliance in TUB
  • "(gasps)" Flower to Lightbulb in Object Division
  • "I will protect you, Grapejuice!" Flower to Grapejuice in Object Division
  • "And that's that!" Flower whenever she finishes a sentence in Object Division
  • "Do I look beautiful?" Flower to Ice Cube in BFDI
  • "I gonna crush you!" Flower on saying Ruby in BFB
  • "Oh my dirt! Glitter! I can act like a righteous to all my fashiony things!" Flower loves with glitter to Firey's Gift


  • She was the 1st and last contestant eliminated in BFDI.
  • It is true that she may have a secret crush on Blocky.
  • Flower's flower species is a pink lily with a touch of margarets
  • In BFDIA, she did appear since she did get recovered by Ruby, but Gelatin froze her right after.
  • She is also seen barfing Evil Leafy up.
  • She's similar to Eva from Total drama island,since they both are 1st eliminated and they rejoined
  • In Object Division, she doesn't use the regular BFDI assets, instead, she uses hand drawn assets, like Battle for BFDI.
  • She Was Renamed Alilum In BFDI City.


Names In Other Languages

  • Bông hoa - Vietnamese
  • Цветок - Russian
  • Blume / Flower - German
  • Blóm - Icelandic
  • Kwiatek - Polish
  • Flor - Spanish
  • Fleur - French
  • Fiore - Italian
  • フラワー - Japanese
  • 花 - Chinese
  • בלום - Yiddish
  • Bláth - Irish
  • цвет - Serbian
  • Çiçek - Turkish
  • Гул - Tajik
  • Квітка - Ukranian
  • Blumm - Luxembourgish
  • പുഷ്പം - Malayalam
  • Bulaklak - Filipino

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