Five is an charatcer in BFDI and BFB. He even appears in IDFB and AIDFB and BFDIA.


Five is well-minded, usally being nice. He likes winning.


  • Screech: When he screeches, it stuns a person or sometimes paralyses the person.
  • Recovery: Brings back dead contestants to life, but a bit more faster than Seven.
  • Elimination: Sucks up any Eliminated contestant into him, which is a parallel dimension called "The Loser World"


  • "That's insane!"
  • "NOT NOW."


  • Five is the only male five, which others are female.
  • Five is a brother of four.
  • Five is drawn alike to Four.
  • He will sometimes be a 3rd host.
  • Five's girlfriend appears in her original purple form in BFB 15.


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