Firey Replacement Box

"The. First Tripod Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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Firey went back to Objectropolis and he sees a hole of traffic on the road with smoke.

  • Traffic Guard Object: *blows whistle*
  • Firey: What is going on?
  • Unknown Object #1: The smoke.

Leafy picks up a frozen small rock with smoke.

  • Worker Object: Is it a little bit hot?
  • Leafy: It's just fine.
  • Police Object #1: There is something down there. Is it a train or a subway? There is nothing down there inside.
  • Police Object #2: Maybe it's a burnt smoking?
  • Worker Object: Or is it an emergency?
  • Firey: I don't know what it came from is.

Suddenly, the ground starts rumbling and cracking like earthquake.

  • Firey: What's happening!?
  • Leafy: I don't know!

The buildings starts popping and cracking. A Tripod's Leg rises and lands on ground.

  • Firey: What is going on?!
  • Police Object #1: Back up everyone! Everyone MOVE back!

A Martian Tripod emerges from the ground as now a upgraded form. It rising and slower with the big powering up noises. The red eye glows on. Everyone starts screaming in terror and running away.

Firey and Leafy starts runs back to behind building and hides. As two of polices hides.

  • Police Object #2: (Being very frightened and terror) *Starts breathing in fear*
  • Police Object #1: (Being frightened and scared) Oh my GOD..! What was THAT come from?!
  • Leafy: What is that thing?
  • Firey: Let me check... grey body, red eye... Oh my god. Leafy, we need to run away.
  • Leafy: But why? What is that thing?
  • Firey: No time to talk! Time to run!
  • Leafy: But-
  • Firey: Run now, talk later!
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