Firey Replacement Box

"The. Firey 114. Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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Our team name has to be Another Name!
~ Firey 114 on DAB 2

Golf Ball angry

" I think I know what's going on, you bought Firey 114, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Firey 114, also known as Glowing Glass Ball or Firey, is a character created by DeathPreventer114. He was basically a glass ball which emits a glow. Now, he is a fire.


  • In Episode 1, he replied “It had to go to LOL.” and as a result, got 18/40, close to getting team captains.
  • He liked RTT as she was his friend, but disliked MS due to his bad response.
  • In Episode 2, he said that their team name had to be “another name”.
  • He Somehow got the most dislikes, and also lost his glass body in the process.

GUACAMOLE (the reebot)

  • In Destination Changed, Red Test Tube was eliminated for not doing the challenge.
  • Later, in Episode 4, he replaced Red Test Tube in the game, and was put in the French Angels.
  • In the challenge, he guessed the London Tea being in the Big Ben.
  • In the elimination, he was the 1st safe from elimination.
  • In episode 5, he complained about landing on the losing team.
  • He did nothing about the challenge as water is his poison.
  • Later, Nahuel Shot him with a waterproof gun and he then created an ice statue of himself and Red Test Tube.
  • In Episode 6, he left, being the 3rd to leave GUACAMOLE (the reboot), and the 1st to leave guacamole (the reboot) during the merge.

Cipher Traction

  • In Episode 1, He was the last to respond, yet he got one of the best responses and got 5 points and he leaded the leaderboard, along with Little Horn and Lizy.


  • He used one of Bubble’s poses because he does not know how to make poses.(as GGB)
  • His temperature and brightness increases when he gets upset.(as GGB)
  • He also gets on fire sometimes, making him look like a Firey clone.(as GGB. Now, he is ALWAYS on fire, as he IS a fire.)
  • He was born in 1st April 2004.
  • He is the 3rd character to be created by DeathPreventer114, the 1st being Skittle, and the 2nd being Book name
  • He used a Firey pose, again, as he did not know how to make poses.
  • His new pose is fan-made by NahuelFire39.
  • He has a crush on Red Test Tube.


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