Firey’s Dank Rave is a game created by ButterBlaziken230. It is based off of the Super Mario 64 ROM Hack called Bowser’s Dank Rave.


The game begins with Firey spawning in a grassy landscape. There is a castle ahead of him which needs to be entered. Once he enters, there are two doors for him to enter. No matter what door he enters, he will go to the same place. That place is called “Four’s Land”. Four’s Land is a strange area owned by Four. There are a lot of four-shaped platforms and random walls everywhere. To get out of Four’s Land, you must find Roboty and speak to him. After speaking to Roboty, Firey is teleported to another location.

This time, Firey spawns in “Kill the Ghosts that’s all I ask”. This level is a mess of random cubes, mixed in with a couple of ghosts Firey must kill. Once all the ghosts are killed, a new area opens up, which is just a mess of triangle-shaped mountains which Firey constantly slides down. The way to get out of that area is to find a secret tunnel and climb all the way through it. Once that is done, Firey moves on to the next level.

In the third level, Firey spawns on a large road. Upon running down the road for a long time, Firey is teleported into a room that is similar to the Game Show area from Question Box’s Adventure 2. Waffle, who is a low quality image, appears and starts talking. However, due to the spelling mistakes, it seems like a mockery of the original level from Question Box’s Adventure 2. However, instead of there being 2 other contestants, Firey is the only one there. Additionally, instead of avoiding bombs, you have to dodge several squares with a picture of Dabbing Woody. Once you have finished dodging the squares, you get teleported to the final level.

The final level has you standing on a rainbow star with a tiny key. Firey goes to pick up the key, but is greeted with Omega Firey. Omega Firey is like Firey, but white instead of yellow and orange, and has dark red eyes. Omega Firey flys onto the stage, and insists that he and Firey have a rave. The game starts playing loud dubstep music and Omega Firey starts flying around uncontrollably; this is a signal that the battle has begun. His attacks consist of shooting fast-moving fireballs and swooping down on Firey. Once Firey has survived for 20 seconds, a ray-gun appears, which is Firey’s only chance to attack. He must shoot Omega Firey 10 times to win.

Once Omega Firey is shot 10 times, he transforms into a door which needs to be unlocked with the key from earlier. Firey unlocks the door and enters a pool. That is the end of the game.

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