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This article contains Non-Canon. Be sure that it's fake/unofficial series to be released.
Thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the series.
Please remind us: This was ONLY for non-canon series due to the Fire Emblem Gang, so be warned!

Fire Emblem Fates Camp is a non-canon tv show.


Contestant Finish Reason Placing

Shura - MadameMonsterr

1st Voted Out

167 Votes

Cycle 01

Telled the truth in 1B. 8th Place
Azura/Aqua - Julia D.

2nd Voted Out

188 Votes

Swordplay 01

She called Ryoma a "h*e" during the lose. 7th Place (Ejected)
Ryoma - Ryan ToysReview

3rd Voted Out

198 Votes

Swordplay 02

Ejected due being a sockpuppet of Azura during the lose. 6th Place (Ejected)
Mozume - Colorinda

4th Voted Out

220 Votes

BMX 01

Walked in 4B. 5th Place (Walked)
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