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Gender: Male

First Appearance: The Big Prize Intro

Latest Appearance: Rise of VernaFizzie

Behavioral Alignment: Very good

Team: Yelling Dogs


  • Planty (best friend)
  • Carrot
  • Basket (possibly)
  • Shelly (mainly)


  • Ice Cream
  • Potato (since TBP 2)

Character Description

Filmy, labeled as The Creative One, is a major character in The Big Prize. He is a contestant with creativity among himself, and if he gets treated disespectfully, he can become stressed out. He also appears on VernaFizzie's profile picture on YouTube.


Filmy is a movie camera that is used to play movies. His name refers to what is inside him, as in film. The real reason his name is Filmy, is because it shows creativity.


Filmy is overall a friendly contestant, he can count on his friends, and he is crazy about other object shows. Although other contestants don't really notice him, he can be upset. He also becomes sad when he doesn't get respect, as he said in "Unappreciated - A TBP Short" or when he is ignored. Overall, Filmy is a nice and respectful character in The Big Prize.


In TBP 1, Filmy created the Alliance with Planty and Carrot. Other than that, he wasn't very good at both contests.

In TBP 2, Filmy received no votes, and he does a relief gesture. Him and Planty then work together by using the boat he got at Target, and went fishing for the shells. He then threw Potato angrily after Potato killed Shelly. His team won by one more ounce than the other team. Then, he celebrates. In the stinger, he appears with Carrot saying that they got him out of the ocean while sinking.


  • Filmy was the first contestant made by VernaFizzie.
  • Filmy is basically Noah (VernaFizzie) but an object.
  • Filmy's debut was made in The Big Prize Trailer.
  • Filmy's old body had thicker outlines, darker color, and one of his top pieces were smaller than the other one.
  • Filmy is the only contestant that sounds similar to a different contestant, being Bowling Ball.
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