Fighting Of Inanimateds (FOI) is a second fanfict created by The best fan of BFDI(A)!, is for waiting the next BFST episode, because I think I'll delay BFST 6 a bit again ^^' but, whatever...

52 contestants, one million dollars and two cents, this is FIGHTNIG OF INANIMATEDS!!!

Fighting of Inanimateds official logo!!!


[Poses are coming soon]

♀ Battery TBA

♀ Bell TBA

♀ Brochetty TBA

♂ Bucket TBA

♀ Bubble-Gum TBA

♀ Candy TBA

♂ Cannon TBA

♂ CD-rom TBA

♀ Christmas Decoration TBA

♂ Clapperboard TBA

♂ Clock TBA

♂ Clothes Plug TBA

♂ Cookie TBA

♂ Croissant TBA

♀ Door TBA


♂ Envelopy TBA

♂ Flammy TBA

♂ Flashlight TBA

♀ Gamy TBA

♂ Glu TBA

♂ Google TBA

♀ Hammer TBA

♀ Headphones TBA

♂ Highlighter TBA

♀ Hourglass TBA

♂ Jetpack TBA

♂ Key TBA

♂ Lava Lamp TBA

♂ Lighty TBA

♀ Marble TBA

♂ Microwave TBA

♂ Money TBA


♀ Padlock TBA

♀ Plate TBA

♂ Roller TBA

♀ Spanner TBA

♀ Sparkly TBA

♀ Syringe TBA

♂ Talkie-Walkie ♀ TBA

♂ Thermometer TBA


♂ Tongue TBA

♂ Toppy TBA

♀ Tree TBA

♀ Umbrella TBA

♀ Vazy TBA

♀ Water TBA

♀ Watering Can TBA

♀ Writty TBA

♀ Yoyle Token TBA

That's every contestants

The host is Computery!

Episode 1: The beginning of their ends

Computery: Hello, everyone, ready for Fighting Of Inanimateds?

Strange Background Voice: TADA!!!

Clock: OMG! My turn, "Fighting of Inanimateds!!!"

Strange Background Voice: TADA!!!

Computery *pushing Clock off the screen*: Anyway, there's 52 contestants, who fighting...

Yoyle Token *appearishing of nowhere*: ...of INANIMATEEEEEEEEDZ!

Strange Background Voice: TADA!!!

Computery: I said, WHO FIGHTIIIING for a million of dollars and two cents! Anyway, ther's contestants presenting time!!!

Best fan: Fastly, because I'ven't all of my time!

Freesmarter *appearishing of nowhere*: *slaping Best fan*

Computery: I'll make it fast, if you want... SO... GO!


Strange Background Voice: TADA!!!

Bell: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm too glad toooooooooooo!

Brochetty: ?! Bell? you're not in the LOL on BFDI?

Bell: Nah! I'm another Bell, I'm the 3rd (the 1st is the one on BFDI, and the 2nd is on II)

Brochetty: WOW! I never believe there's MUCH of object shows like it!


Eeveryone: O.o'

Bucket: oh, sorry, I'm so happy to be in Fighting of Inanimateds!

Strange Background Voice: TADA!!!

Bubble-Gum *metamorphosing to the YAY word*: LIKE ME!!! *return into a ball of bubble-gum* this is soooo funny!

Candy: Meow!

Bubble-Gum: oooh... Candy is suuuuuuuuu CUTE! like POTATO in RFVP

Computery: Hey! You aren't here to make ads about the others fanficts!

Cannon: uh.... yay to be here? ^^'

Eeveryone: -.-'


CD-rom: Hey!

Cannon: Hey!

Christmas Decoration *excited*: OH MY SANTA CLAUS!!! I'm in Fighting of Inanimateds!!!

Strange Background Voice: TADA!!!

Computery *facepalm*: Someone can switch off this voice?

Bucket: CD?

Computery: Which? CD-rom or Christmas Decoration?

Best fan: WE LOSE TIME!!!!!!!!!


Clapperboard: Anyway, where's we begin this movie?

Computery: This is the 5127861974682356164707324161942805302nd time I told you, ISN'T A MOVIE! Is Fighting Of Inanimatt.t..... I forgot the Voice thing isn't disabbled yet T-T...

Clock: Fighting Of Inanimateds! Fighting Of Inanimateds! Fighting Of Inanimateds! Fighting Of Inanimateds! Fighting Of InanimatEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEds!


Clothes Plug: Wut huppens heyr?


Clothes Plug: Nutheeng, eet's may uccent...

Cookie: oh... SHUT UP! No one understand you, so, SHUT UP!

Croissant: Euh... c'est ici? euh... c'est bien "Fighting of Inanimateds"?

Strange Background Voice: TADA!!!

Croissant: Qu'es que c'était?! O.O

Door *making timid thing*: What did he says?

3DS: He asks if FOI is here... and he's surprised by the Strange Voice

Door: oooooh... how did you know that? <3

3DS: It's just 'cause I've a translator inside me... u.u

Enveloppy: OMG! I've a message! [to Computery] Your sister comes nearly!

Computery: MY SISTER?!?

Clock: His sister?

Clothes Plug: Hees Seeztur?

Croissant: Quoi?!?

3DS: Sa soeur...

Croissant: SA SOEUR?!?

Flammy: His sister!

Flashlight: His sister!?

Gamy: Stop! we should wait her like a good welcome!

Computery: You don't know how is my sister ><

[Checkpoint, I'll continue after Bomb exploding ^^]

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