Fight for Wikia(yet, the most (un)original name) is a camp that contains all 21 contestants from BFDI(if you don't know what it is,get off the internet,son),The 30 RCs and 31 new faces, making a total of 82 contestants(WOW!)(i don't like maths :P). :P

Elimination Table

Contestant Place Why
Bracelety 82nd By being the character with the lowest amount of votes to join S2(and she was Userless XD)
David 81st (Aw,)Seriously(?)¬¬
Dora 80th Same as David
Bottle 79th Weird design and booooooooooring
Bomby 78th Annoying(Orange)
TNT 77th Same as Bomby
Eggy 76th VERY unpopular
Barf Bag 75th Gross
Puffball 74th Watch BFDIA 5e
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