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Fight for Cheese Manor is a Camp Made by TheElemental Raccoon where 42 contestants compete for the fabled Cheese Manor.

Sequel: Fight for Cheese Manor Squared


Your host, Bob the Token![]



Debut-er Competitors (results 7)[]

Debut-er Compeditors (Results 15)[]

Elimination Table[]

  • a *=Re-signed-up
Contestants: Team: Quartet Place: Reason: Votes:

Pie- Rob Schwann

Teamless N/A 43/42/41st place For Not doing the Challenge 0

Win Token-greddybush



43/42/41st place For not doing the challenge 0
Scissors-Tacoburger22 Teamless


43/42/41th Place For not doing the challenge 0
Twig-TheMinecraftFall12 The Super Slappers


40th Place For not doing the challenge, and an unpopular chatacter 2

Ying Yang-friesfan7784

The Cavern Resorters

The Yummy Pears

Rejoins in Elimination 12 Challenge 13

Not doing the challenge, Suspected of cheating 3
Pear-ToonPrince Debuts
Ruby-MegaEpicFilmz The Cavern Resorters


39th Place Unpopular BFDIA Character 2
Coke Can-The MinecraftFall12 Debuts
Masky-Mistervictoriy Debuts
Ice Cube-Jeelhu77 Debuts
Needle-thawesomecoolstuff1 The Super Slappers


38th Place Targeted as a threat for winning the first challenge 4
Cheese Stick-MinorChiefGaming The Super Slappers


37th Place Not doing much challenges 5
Orange-Theminecraftwolf9* The Rad Rockets


36th Place An unpopular character 3
Pear-ToonPrince The Cavern Resorters


35th Place Inactivity 0


The Super Slappers

Team Chalk Rock Socc Knock

Rejoins in Results 7 Inactivity 0
Poundcake-DerpDino The Rad Rockets


34th Place Quit 0
Poptart-Rhinobuddrobox The Super Slappers

Super Frozen Ice-Cream Treats

Rejoins in Results 8 Inactivity 0
Chalkboard-Superb677* Rejoins
Dark Hat-Mewtwospetwolf The Cavern Resorters


33rd Place

Quit 0
Blender- sandro shubitidze*

The Super Slappers


32nd Place Didn't do so well in the challenge 2
Poptart-Rhinobuddrobox Rejoins
Thorny-anmig12* The Cavern Resorters


31st Place Did not do challenge 3

Peanut Butter-PixelatedIndustries

The Rad Rockets


Rejoins in Results 18 Targeted as a threat 4
Pipe-Daniel Webb Debuts
Beaker-Edsen Grohe The Cavern Resorters


30th Place Cricket's Original/Revenge Token 3/1.5
Coke Can- TheMinecraftFall12 The Rad Rockets


29th Place Everyone voted for Match except one, but Match used an Immunity Token, and the only other vote was for Coke Can. 1
Deodorant-Connor Spalding The Super Slappers The Yummy Pears 28th Place Not doing the callenge, and recived a record high of votes. Even with his win token, Deodorant was eliminated. 10/5
Ying Yang-Friesfan7784 Rejoins
Match-bigdaddy1970* The Rad Rockets The Yummy Pears 27th Place Not doing the challenge, and playing as an unpopular character. 7
Gold Token-NoldenKMaster*

The Super Slappers

The High-Priced Quarters 26th Place Low-Quality preformance in challenges 7/3.5
Rocky-joaquint561 The Cavern Resorters Team Chalk Rock Socc Knock 25th Place Not doing well in challenges, Cricket's Immunity Token 2
Bucket-SuperCDLand The Cavern Resorters Mysterious Masked Mighty Swordsmen 24th Place Threat, didn't do elimination prediction challenge. 3/1.5
Hammer-vanswife4lifecom* The Rad Rockets The Super Frozen Ice-Cream Treats 23rd Place Didn't do challenges 5
Rubber Ball-bowserjr2215 The Super Slappers The Super Frozen Ice-Cream Treats 22nd Place Didn't do well on geography challenge, Poptart's WT 2
Churro-Retro Guy Debuts
Soap-taopwnh4627 Debuts
Peanut Butter-PixelatedIndustries Rejoins
Ying Yang-friesfan7844 The Cavern Resorters The Yummy Pears 21st Place Was starting to fall behind, user has some enimies 5
Vasey: BFDI BOYERSFTW* The Rad Rockets The Peaceful Money Bags Rejoins in Elimination 24/Challenge 25 Not putting enough effort into challenges 5
Poptart: Esden Grohe* The Super Slappers The Super Frozen Ice-Cream Treats 20th Place Last place on the scoreboard, cause of Rubber Ball's elimination 5
Masky: XclockXanimations* The Super Slappers Mysterous Masked Mighty Swordsmen 19th Place Falling behind in challenges 4/2
Peanut Butter: PixelatedIndustries The Rad Rockets N/A 18th Place Threat 2
Gum Bally-NukriKilzadeTER The Rad Rockets The Yummy Pears 17th Place Not doing as much challenges 8/4
Puffball-KylerJohnson5 The Super Slappers Myserious Masked Mighty Swordsmen 16th Place User not well-known 5
Bubble-ultraboldore72 The Cavern Resorters Super Frozen Ice-Cream Treats 15th Place Not doing so well in challenges 7
Semtex-misterperfectawesome The Cavern Resorters High-Priced Quarters 14th Place He got the Halloween Bonus which made people see him as a threat 4
Calculator-Matej Dolenec The Rad Rockets High-Priced Quarters 13th Place Didn't do challenge 3
Rope-bladethe blade The Cavern Resorters The Yummy Pears 12th Place Taken out in Elimination Tag by Chalkboard 1
Jelly Bean-alex dimitropoulus The Rad Rockets Mysterious Masked Mighty Swordsmen 11th Place User was not well known and didn't have any strong bonds with any of the contestants. 6/3
Chalkboard-BoomerCrazy43* The Super Slappers

Team Rock Chalk Socc Knock

10th Place Was in the danger zone for a while in the Points Stage, Crickets Win Token 2
Cricket-Joseph Howard The Rad Rockets Team Rock Chalk Socc Knock 9th Place Huge Threat 13/6.5
Guitar-OrMel2004 The Rad Rockets The Peaceful Money Bags 8th Place Another threat 6
Coiny-keremburada The Cavern Resorters The Peaceful Money Bags 7th Place Didn't do challenge 8
Pipe-Daniel Webb The Super Slappers The Peaceful Money Bags 6th Place Threat 15/12.25
Soccer Ball-Nicholas Sternes The Super Slappers Team Rock Chalk Socc Knock 5th Place Churro's Immunity Token eliminated him 0
Ice Cube-Jeelhu77 The Cavern Resorters High-Priced Quarters 4th place Got fourth in the finale 0
Soap-taopwnh6427 N/A N/A 3rd place Got third in the finale 0
Vasey-BFDIBOYERSFTW The Rad Rockets The Peaceful Money Bags Runner-Up Got second in the finale 0
Churro-Retro Guy N/A N/A WINNER! Won the finale 0



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