Fight For It. 1 2 3 Go! also known as Fighting For The Prize, FFTP or FFI. is the first season of DSK-Clover's object show featuring 24 contestants competing for their friend's prize.


The 17 year old host, Building Block, was looking through her albums and came across her middle school class photo, reminded of the past and fun the class had, she decided to call her former classmates back.

When they had arrived outside at the park her family owned, she explained that she wanted the class to reunite, and since she is a reality TV producer, she decided to make an object show.

Her classmates, who understood what she said were quite confused and it was revealed that Building Block would give the winner a prize of their own, due to her wealth. Her classmates who thought the idea was great for rebonding and fun, all agreed. She introduced the first challenge which was competitive, she shouted. "You guys are gonna Fight For It! 1 2 3 Go!"


Contestant Team Status Title Ranking
Blue Paper N/A N/A The Kamikaze N/A
Bouncy Ball N/A N/A Return To Sender N/A
Business Card N/A N/A Immature Leader N/A
Buzzer N/A N/A The Know-It-All N/A
Captain's Armband N/A N/A The #4 Defender N/A
Coin N/A N/A The Con N/A
Comic Book N/A N/A The Hothead N/A
Credit Card N/A N/A Spashing Cash ATM N/A
Disciplinary Cards N/A N/A Down-To-Earth N/A
Document N/A N/A Player Manager N/A
FIFA N/A N/A Number 9 Striker N/A
Flipbook N/A N/A The Aspiring Animator N/A
iPad N/A N/A The Programmer N/A
Jewel Display N/A N/A The Emotionless N/A
Key N/A N/A tHe spammmmer N/A
Magnet N/A N/A Attracting From Both Sides N/A
Map N/A N/A Flying Around The World N/A
Name Tag N/A N/A Welcoming But Difficult N/A
Pie Chart N/A N/A Statistics Lover N/A
Poster N/A N/A Irony At It's Finest N/A
Rubik's Cube N/A N/A Always Scrambled N/A
Scoreboard N/A N/A The Umpire N/A
Shadow N/A N/A The Mastermind N/A
Sticker N/A N/A Too Clingy N/A
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