Fidget Spinner is an OC created by GFSMCraziness.


Fidget Spinner lives in a house that he likes. He also likes to make videos. He has a friend named Bucket, and his sister named Pink Fidget Spinner. He likes to eat m&ms, skittles, Doritos, Trix Yogurt, lays, Cheetos, pizza, Lunchables pizza, apple juice, Fruity pebbles and fruit loops. He also likes to go on adventures.


  • Fidget Spinner lives in the city known as Objectville.
  • Fidget Spinner lives in a fidget spinner shape like house.
  • Fidget Spinner has a super hero identity, known as Gala-Fidget Spinner, who is a space superhero in which he saves the earth while in that form.
  • Fidget Spinner's design appears to be a golden fidget spinner.
  • Fidget Spinner has a laptop, as well as a tablet in order to make videos.
  • Fidget Spinner has a sister name Pink Fidget Spinner.


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