the second episode of Feud 25

pine tree: hey shovel! wanna watch the first episode of this new series called the object manor?

shovel: ooh! sounds interesting. speaking of interesting, interested in snacks?

pine tree: sure!

shovel: well, (picks up fish) how about this strip of raw fish-

pine tree: are you crazy? that's a contestant!

shovel: oh. let's just watch anyway.

(scene cuts to pencil from bfb)

pencil from bfb: i really need an alliance.

pencil from bfb: hey spoon, wanna be in my alliance?

spoon: no thanks. also, i miss fork.

(scene cuts to toothbrush and high heel)

toothbrush: so, high heel, who do you think is gonna be eliminated?

high heel: well, i don't know. it could be anybody.

baseball bat: well, that's what you're about to find out!

toothbrush: well, who is?

baseball bat: welp, fish with one vote.

(fish gets flung to recovery)

pine tree: that was abrupt.

hamburger: so, what's the next contest?

baseball bat: GET IN THE BUS *shoves everybody in a bus*

pine tree: yet again, that was abrupt

baseball bat: here we goo

(bus drives to a very dangerous obby filled with spikes, giant crushing pillars, flamethrowers, and laser beams

brush: so, this is the next contest!?

heart: mom come pick me up i'm scared

baseball bat: yep go through the obby first person to finish wins for their team now GO

(baseball bat shoves everyone in the obby, and the bus drives away)

(ring-con tries to catch up to the bus)

ring-con: hey, wait up!

ring-con: dangit. also, i've never seen the bus drive towards the oblivious obby before like this. strange.

(hamburger tries to start the obby, but gets impaled by a bed of spikes)

Firey Replacement Box

"The. Feud 25 episode 2: don't spike, spare my life!. Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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