toothbrush: hey high heel

high heel: hey toothbrush

toothbrush: wanna be friends?

high heel: sure

Toothbrush: yey

(scene cuts to hamburger)

hamburger: im fat

Pencil from bfb: hey hamburger guess what

hamburger: what

Pencil from bfb: you are fat

hamburger: that was mean

(heart appears)

heart: hey, that wasn’t nice

(scene cuts to heart)

heart: im hoping to make alot of friends here

(scene cuts to heart and spider)


(heart runs away)

(scene cuts to brush and pine tree)

brush: hey what do you think of this painting i made

pine tree: umm

brush: you're a terrible critic

(scene cuts to shovel and fish)


shovel: don't just sit there say something

(scene cuts to spoon)

spoon: im bored (and also i miss fork)

mysterious voice: well, be no longer

spoon: huh???? who are you????

baseball bat: im baseball bat and im here to force you all into my new show feud 25!

goose: HONK (peace was never an option)

spoon: ooh sounds cool

baseball bat: great now form 2 teams of 6

(scene cuts to toothbrush and high heel)

toothbrush: wanna be on the same team since we're both friends?

high heel: sure

(scene cuts to pine tree)

pine tree: hm, i guess shovel and goose are the best options

(scene cuts to toothbrush and high heel again)

high heel: let's pick brush, he sure has alot of style

(brush walks over)

(scene cuts to pine tree's team)

goose: HONK (i want meself some hamburger)

(scene cuts to toothbrush's team)

toothbrush: i guess heart is our best option

heart: i'll bring fish with me!

pine tree: then we get pencil from bfb.

brush: oh no, spider!

baseball bat: mk, team names?

shovel: let's be-

goose: HONK

(team HONK)

high heel: let's be team style

(team style)

baseball bat: ok the 1st contest is to not fall off the plate

(everyone is on the plate)

(team style falls off)

baseball bat: and team style is up for elimination


vote a member of team style to be eliminated using the poll below; ONLY VOTE ONCE THO

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