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"I think I know what's going on, you bought Federal Exchange (BFIS), didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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"For free!?" - Eraser and Pen
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F.E is a contestant in BFIS, after waiting so longgg.

He can be quite the sleepy so he came there.

He is the only contestant to not have black eyes and BFDI mouth.

Actually, his BFDI-like eye are located on the hood, on the logo of the sponsor. That's why he's called Federal Exchange.

He is also a contestant in Battle for Sleep Town.


Blue Raspberry

Quake 2

Tele Monte Carlo

Everyone who is a hero


Video Brinquedo




Evil things

Despite this, he is very mean because he attacks strangers, because he mistakes them for a villain.

He and some others fell asleep on a train in a episode, Bowling ball punches them awake.

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