Feather Fan is an OC by Insanipedia.

Colors and Personalities

They are very similar to the Ruby army from Steven Universe. This means that Feather Fan is easily fooled by disguises and lies.


Doc is the orange feather. He is a natural leader, assertive and professional in his actions. While the others are often distracted, he stays on task. He is the most competent member of the group along with Eyeball, who is more experienced in object history, due to being older than him. He uses strict and commanding language when interacting with the other feathers, but in camps (if there are teams) he is very respectful towards the team leader.


Eyeball is the red feather, losing his eye some point in his childhood (the feathers were all born and raised together). He seems to be the most invested in camps' challenges and is well-informed about other people. He is stoic, rarely speaking most of the time, though occasionally appearing anxious. He appears intimidating, but is also quite polite when thanking anyone for their cooperation. Despite his tough exterior, when he is shown something that he is really into he will be struck with awe and show an almost fan girl-like zeal.


Army is the yellow feather. He is the most rigid and militaristic feather out of the feathers. He loves a good rough-house so much that his first reaction to stepping into a challenge is beating up some sticks and plants with martial art moves. He shows confidence towards his enemies (threatening anyone that he will tear them "limb from limb"), and support to his allies


Navy is the green feather. She appears to be way more gleeful and sensual than the other feathers. She is soft-spoken, amused by the world's details, expresses constant satisfaction, and dramatic in her mannerisms. She is also very flustered. When put on the spot she can get nervous to the point of nearly breaking down into tears. Despite her cheery disposition, Navy also has a more sinister, sadistic, unhinged and manipulative side to her.


Leggy is the blue feather with two pairs of legs as a defect. She seems to be the most disoriented and confused, never knowing quite what to do. She is also the most fearful, frequently hiding behind other things when the feathers separate. She often forgets what she is doing and even briefly forgets the challenge.

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