Rake - i'm bored.

Peanut - what about fists.

Rake - um....

Peanut - (punchs Rake hard)

Rake - (screams)

Peanut - (laughs)

M&M - that wasn't cool, Peanut, you should apoligize!

Peanut - Like what?

(Rake landed near Fork)

Fork - Rake, what happened?

Rake - Peanut throw you hard like 5 miles.

Fork - darn! grrrrrrr! (angry at Peanut)

Peanut - (gulps)

Milk - look what i found!

Cola - Milk, it's a flower.

Diet Cola - yah!

Milk - it's okay!

(Milk cries)

Soccer Ball - Cake, what is like in this land.

Cake - nothing, no houses and no things here.

Laptop - it's okay! i'm fun of videos, games.....

Burger - blah blah blah, hello guys.

Scissors - hello burger.

Burger - hi Scissors, your cool.

Pretzel - Hello Guys and Burger and Scissors, that's not cool, rude and cruel.

(Burger kicked Pretzel and Pretzel landed near Pizza.)

Pizza - Pretzel, what happened?

Pretzel - Burger kicked me on the butt.

Pizza - Burger is such a moron.

Burger - Hey!

Tomato, Pumpkin and Orange - (barfs)

(They barfs at Pizza and Pretzel.)

Scissors - thanks, little lime barfers!

Tomato - (barfs)

(barf at Scissors)

Watermelon - hello, guys! what up!

Rake - go to the pond to take a bath.

Watermelon - okay!

Tomato - (laughs)

(a airplane landed and crashed Tomato.)

(Tomato revives on the Recover Box.)

Tomato - (cries)

Fork - it's okay Tomato and secondly, what is happening here!

(a object called "Door" gets out of the airplane.)

Door - Hello, i'm Door and i'm looking some contestants to battle for a madison.

Cake - Wow! really.

Door - Yah, the madison have a pool, hot tub, comfortable beds and couchs, robot servants, spa and amazing rooms like Candy Room, Arcade Room, Food Room, Fog Room, Roller Coaster Room and more.

Pizza - amazing!

Door - let's settle this with a contest.

(intro started and ended)

Door - the first challange is to go to a hard maze and when two objects go to the finish line win and pick the teams.

Door - Go!

(30 minutes later!)

Door - Pizza and Burger win and they could pick the teams.

Burger - Yes!

Door - but next episode!

Burger - What the heck are you talking!

Door - you could pick the teams next episode, Yeah! next episode!

Burger - Oh come on!

(credits rolled in and out.)

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