Extreme Madness is a BFDI-inspired series created by MeeksMan.


22 inanimate objects are competing for a way better and cooler madison since Door come from a airplane.


Door - the host of Extreme Madness. [gender: male] [status: the host]

Pizza - the leader of "The Awesome Mountain". [gender: male] [team: The Awesome Mountain, which he is the leader of]

Burger - a bully and the leader of the other team, "The Golden Punch". [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch, which he is the leader of]

Pretzel - one of Pizza's friends on the team TAM (The Awesome Mountain). [gender: Male] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

Scissors - one of Burger's friends on the team TGP (The Golden Punch). [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch]

Cola - a member of an alliance with Diet Cola and Milk, whom he is friends with. [gender: male] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

Diet Cola - a member of an alliance with Cola and Milk, whom she is friends with. [gender: female] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

Milk - a member of an alliance with Cola and Diet cola, whom she is friends with. she is also dumb. [gender: female] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

Soccer Ball - a clumsy ball who is so lazy. [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch]

Lollipop - a dumb and annoying contestant who tells stupid jokes that are not funny. [gender: male] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

Fork - a bully who is friends with Burger. [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch]

Laptop - a smart nerd who is interested in science. [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch]

Rake - a bully who hates Milk because she is dumb. [gender: female] [team: The Golden Punch]

Tomato - a very dumb fruit or vegetable who likes to barf limes. [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch]

WG (Water Gallon) - a gallon who holds water and likes to drink himself. [gender: male] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

Pumpkin - a very dumb friend of Tomato who likes to barf limes together with Tomato. [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch]

Cake - a nice and cute object who do good stuff to the objects. [gender: female] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

Orange - a object who barf limes like Tomato and Pumpkin, he loves to eat hot dogs. [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch]

Watermelon - a fat guy who walk slow and really bathe himself of a pond. [gender: male] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

Peanut - a bully who have his fists punch a object hard to 3 miles. [gender: male] [team: The Golden Punch]

M&M - a candy who is getting rad, cool and awesome stuff in Target. [gender: male] [team: The Awesome Mountain]

YouTube Logo - a red rectangle with a white triangle button, and he is very nice. [gender: male] [team: The Awesome Mountain]


The Awesome Mountain - a team founded by Pizza that claims to be the best team ever. [total amount of contestants: 11]

The Golden Punch - a team founded by Burger that also claims to be the best team ever. [total amount of contestants: 10]


The elimination is known as "Court of Justice".

When a team loses each episode, they get sent to "Object Courthouse" when the host is the judge, a contestant will vote who's gotta be out, when someone safe, they get candy canes, if not, they get kicked on the butt with "Boot of Pain" and sent to the COD (Cage of Doom).

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