Evolved Cheese Orb is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Evolved Cheese Orb has a stranger difference when compared to ButterBlaziken230’s other OCs. He has a large head with a spike on top and his face in the middle, followed by 3 small Cheese orbs that make up his body. These cheese orbs get smaller the closer they are to the bottom. On his back, there are 4 red tentacles. Evolved Cheese Orb has arms and legs.


Evolved Cheese Orb may be seen as boring, but that is because he wants one thing and one thing only - revenge. Revenge on Announcer for killing him. However, he reformed, and evolved into the being he is now. He’ll make some friends, but he only uses them to get his needed revenge.


  • Evolved Cheese Orb’s tentacles taste like cheese.
    • Also, he can create them infinitely.
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