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"That’s right. We’re all about Preventing Evily McEvilest And Creating Trust." ― Bottle
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Evily McEvilest is... IS! i can't even say it, because of how HORRIBLE it is!


He is infinitly times even more eviler, nightmarish and worse than Super Ultra Omega Evil Nightmare Flower, he even makes Evil Blaster’s Alliance look like a team full of babies! Evily McEvilest once made Blink-182 CD cry, this is how awfully evil and horrible he is! even other evil and nightmare characters hates Evily for being too evil to literally everyone and even nobody in the object show omniverse and even beyond!


  • He is the evilest, meanest, nightmarish and worst object show character on literally all of this whole wiki!
  • Not even nobody or nothing likes him, because of how abominable and horrible he looks (and sounds) like!
  • Evily killed literally everyone on this wiki once (even Nothing and Nonexisty)!
    • No he didn't, don't even start!
  • He is even tougher than Mars!
  • He can even defeat (and kill) Oshawott!
  • Not even no one can be even more evil than him or else he will turn infinitly times even worse than whoever is actually more horrible than him!
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