Evil Spider is an OC created By ButterBlaziken230.


Evil Spider looks like another character for the common ‘spider’ trend, where a character has a semi-circle body and legs below. He is yellow, with several legs at the bottom, but what makes him different, is his arms. They are attached to his body with red buds, and they are long and thin. At the end they have 3 fingers.


Most objects created by ButterBlaziken230 ask, “What does Evil Spider think about?” or “What is Evil Spider like?” but nobody knows. Why? Because Evil Spider is just a hoax. Only a few people have pictures of him, but they are blurry, and most of them only have him far away. This means that his appearance could not be true, and that it is only a myth. That goes for anything else said about him. Anyways, his personality is unknown because of the things said.


  • Evil Spider is ButterBlaziken230’s first spider character.
  • Evil Spider cannot create webs, even though he is a spider.
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