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Evil Leafy is a recommended character who didn't join BFDI or BFDIA, but played a part in BFDIA. She was free from the TLC in IDFB, but she didn't appear in Battle for BFDI until episode 6 as an RC.


  • She is one of the two characters from BFDI to not appear as a contestant in Battle for BFDI, the other one being Nonexisty.
    • However, unlike Nonexisty, she did had a cameo in BFB as a recommended character at the 6th episode, appearing along with 74 other recommended characters.


Names in other languages

  • Kötü Yaprak- Turkish
  • エビルリーフィー - Japanese
  • Foglia Cattiva - Italian
  • Duilleach Olc - Irish

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