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Evil Leafy is a recommended character who didn't join BFDI or BFDIA, but played a part in BFDIA. She was free from the TLC in IDFB, but she didn't appear in Battle for BFDI until episode 6 as an RC.


Evil Leafy is identical to Leafy in terms of her base appearance. However, the key differences are that Evil Leafy's main body color is red rather than green, and she has a somewhat realistic face. Her face has 2 large white eyes with tiny pupils in each and 2 massive eyebrows to express her anger. Her mouth is mostly straight.


Evil Leafy is an enigmatic being of chaos. She is able to teleport and is considered by nearly every contestant to be a person to fear. Evil Leafy does not speak, with the closest thing instance being her swallowing the FreeSmart Van in "Get in the Van" where she screams while eating the van.

Fan Fiction

Battle For Recommended Characters

Evil Leafy was originally an contestant in BFRC,she could however talk,she would had been safe,but was eliminated in BFRC 12 : less than three,with only 89 votes,she was send to the 3ZONE before,she would rejoin as Evil Leafy 2 but later got eliminated in BFRC 25 and was send to the R.I.P.


  • She is one of the two characters from BFDI to not appear as a contestant in Battle for BFDI, the other one being Nonexisty.
    • However, unlike Nonexisty, she did had a cameo in BFB as a recommended character at the 6th episode, appearing along with 74 other recommended characters.


Names in other languages

  • Kötü Yaprak- Turkish
  • エビルリーフィー - Japanese
  • Foglia Cattiva - Italian
  • Duilleach Olc - Irish

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