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WARNING! This page contains spoilers for ButterBlaziken230’s Fan Fiction, BFDI: Isolated. Please consider reading it before you read this.

Evil Ghost Leafy is a spirit version of Evil Leafy, created by ButterBlaziken230.


Evil Ghost Leafy’s body is mostly white, but he has red cracks from where his leaf skin was. He has a trail of ectoplasm in the shape of a tail at the bottom of his body. He keeps his angry face, but his hands now have sharp claws.


Evil Ghost Leafy, like his regular counterpart, only has one motive: to kill anyone who dares enter the Evil Forest. Evil Ghost Leafy is only awoken when someone kills Evil Leafy, so he has extra hatred towards that person.

BFDI: Isolated

Evil Ghost Leafy appears in BFDI: Isolated where, after falling into Evil Canyon, he leaves Evil Leafy’s body and chases after the group in the forest. He chases after them when they take off in the portable HPRC. When they fall into Evil Canyon, he kills Pen and Leafy (in that order) but is then killed by Firey when Question Box creates a Super Star. He is not seen later, so he is probably dead.


  • Flying: Evil Ghost Leafy can fly around instead of teleporting.
  • Sharp Claws: With a swipe of his claws, Evil Ghost Leafy can kill people.

Large Form


When Evil Ghost Leafy is damaged enough but not killed, he can go into his large form. He grows in size, and gets an extra pair of arms.


  • Some concept names for Evil Ghost Leafy include Ghoul Leafy, Ghost Evil Leafy And Spirit Evil Leafy.