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" I think I know what's going on, you bought Evil Form, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Hello! This is a story about Leafy's evil form. This story is based on a chat story. Thanks to Freesmarter  BFDI(A) for helping me making this on the chat.

Narrator: Once upon a time, in the BFDI world, lives Leafy. She's a nice girl and likes Firey. One day, something bad happened. An evil Recommended Character escaped L.O.L.

Leafy: Time to sleep.. It's 8:20 P.M.

???: *Gets inside Leafy*

  • In Leafy's mind...

Leafy: *gasp* Evil Leafy? What are you doing?

Evil Leafy: I'm here to control you... But I can see you're strong... *Bites Leafy's arm* We'll see who will win! *Evil laugh*

Leafy: *Wakes up* Ahh! My arm! Wait... I still have that bite? That's bad... I'd better go back to sleep.

  • Next day...

Announcer: Hello contestants! Today's challenge is a unicycle race! Go!

Leafy: Bubble! Hey Bubble!!

Bubble: Yes Loify?

Leafy: I had a very strange dream... About Evil Leafy... *Shows the bite mark* see?

Bubble: Oh moi gosh! There's the finish loine! I goitta win it!

Leafy: *Turns evil* Oh really now? *Pops Bubble* HA! *Crosses the finish line*

Announcer: Congrats Leafy! Now pick two contestants to have immunity!

Evil Leafy: *Random* David and Spongy!

Ice Cube: Leafy! What happened? You're evil!

Leafy: *Turns normal* Oww... What was that?

Bubble: You popped me and won the race! And you picked David and Spongy to be safe!

Announcer: That's right! That means *screen shows their poses* Rocky, Firey, Ice Cube and Bubble are up for Elimination!!

David: Aw, seriously?

Leafy: ...Bubble? I need your help...

  • An hour later, in Leafy's house...

Bubble: So you want to have a sleepover and invite David, Icy, Firey and Rocky?

Leafy: Yes!

Spongy: Whut about meh?

Leafy:  *Turns evil* You're so smelly and fat! You can kill us you fat idiot! *Turns back to normal* Ohh.. Sorry Spongy!

Spongy: *Starts crying* Go awayh!

  • Later that night...

Leafy: Thanks for the party! Bye guys!

Firey: Can I stay with you?

Leafy: Su...Sure! Why not!

Bubble: Bye Loify! Gooid noight!

Leafy: Bye Bubble!!!

Firey: So! What are we gonna do now? :)

Leafy: I don't know...

Firey: *Kisses Leafy*  :) Now let's just sleep now okay? Leafy? Umm... Leafy?

Leafy: *In her mind* He... just kissed me! HE JUST KISSED ME!! :)

Firey: Okay. Let's go to sleep! Good night!!!

Leafy: Goo..Good night Firey...

(Later That Night)

Leafy: Where is he....

(Leafy then feels a pinch on her skirt, then a pat on her head.)

Leafy: What the?

More coming soon. Tell me in the comments if you want more :)

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