This article is about the AzUrArInG version that is the evil version of AzUrArInG's Football and which both appear in Object Masters. You may be looking for The one made by a user called Giraffewallquail as a recommended character.

"Why don't you just go get it? I'm Busy! Some genius stole Evil Football (AzUrArInG)!" - Lamp
Evil Football (AzUrArInG) was adopted by AzUrArInG. Henceforth, all rights, continuity, and proper use settings go to AzUrArInG, who now says what is in-character and what is not in this article's vicinity. Though everyone can edit this article, AzUrArInG has the final say on their character from the rules from the Object Show Fanonpedia.

Evil Football
Evil Football Pose.png




Red Football


Bill, Varsity Jacket, Firedrop (Sometimes)


Everyone (expect friends); Football, Rock, Pan, Brick, Crazy Face, Battery, Orange Ball, Purple Ball, Robo-Guy, Butterfinger, Firedrop (Sometimes), Stool,


Red (Body)



Evil Football is an evil character created by AzUrArInG. He is the evil version of Football.


Evil Football is the evil version of Football. He likes to destroy others and destroy the city. He likes to hang around with villains and hates all of Football's friends.

List of appearances


Race Riot (debut) The Football Gang


Object Masters Episode 1: The Debut Object Masters Episode 2: A Singing Competition


  • Evil Football is the evil version of Football.
  • Evil Football's original appearance looked similar to Evil Leafy.
    • His personality was originally exactly like Evil Leafy's but was changed.
  • Evil Football is the first evil version of an OC to be created by AzUrArInG.
  • Evil Football is the only OC AzUrArInG made that was in the original version of Object Masters as a contestant to not be a contestant in its reboot but is still gonna be in the reboot as one of the villains or something else.


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