Evil Blaster’s Alliance is an alliance formed by Evil Blaster. They cause havoc and kill people.



  • Unknowny - Unknowny is the founder of Evil Blaster’s Alliance. He forced them to make mischief, otherwise he would kill them. He is the most malicious of them all, manipulating landscapes at his will.
  • Z - Z was originally a member of the alliance, but then became more powerful because he got sick of the alliance. He joined Unknowny.
  • Super Poop - Super Poop was rejected by the Alliance, but he was strong enough to join Unknowny. He is nearly more powerful than Z.


  • Evil Blaster - the leader of the alliance. He formed it, and is the second most powerful alliance member, with Portally being slightly more strong.

VIP Members

  • Blue Tetramino - a VIP Member. He forced Evil Blaster into giving him VIP Member, even though it doesn’t matter that much.
  • Portally - a VIP Member. He earned his rights by being extremely strong. However, Evil Blaster was reluctant to step down.
  • Magnety - a VIP Member. He gained it after being very loyal and attending missions. However, he’s quite weak and a coward.


  • Baked Bean - a Member of the alliance. He is often forgot about, but he serves some purpose, such as occasionally being bait. He fails this job miserably though.
  • Spike - a Member Of the Alliance. He has some bad qualities, such as getting a bit scared or chickening out, but he’s a stable member.
  • Waffle - a Member Of the Alliance. He is a pretty stable member, not to be messed with. A mission without him a mission done wrong. He makes sure everyone around fears the alliance.
  • Blue Cheesy - a slightly less important member. He only serves to be bait or a distraction of sorts.


  1. Break Green Face’s collection of model planes.
  2. Make Clear Pipe go on a rampage with anger.
  3. Kill Ring-Con so that he cannot remind people to go to the gym. That means everyone will be weak.
  4. Annoy Latvia and then kill Smash Bros Logo. This mission was shown in TBBSP E5: Attacked.


  • Their main goal is to kill people. They are forced to do this because of a deal started by Unknowny, the founder. It is unknown whether they always wanted to do this, or if they’ve been moulded into this state.
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