Him when’s he’s charged up.

Evil Blaster is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Evil Blaster appears to be some sort of weapon. He has a cylinder body, with two tubes on the side. The shorter tube contains green liquid when charged up, and the bottom one, which is longer, has blue liquid. It is unknown what purpose these things have. There is a hole where bullets are shot out of, meaning this is probably some sort of gun.


Since Evil Blaster is friends with Blue Tetramino, Spike, Baked Bean and Portally, it’s obvious what kind of person Evil Blaster is. He is evil. He has some sort of alliance with them, and they come up with evil plans to hurt people, but specifically Question Box. Sometimes they involve Evil Ghost Leafy in their plans, even though he hates their guts. Evil Blaster is the main operator of their plans and is known to be a rude leader, rejecting the ideas of his peers, but they don’t care, since he comes up with better ideas.


  • While observing him, Christmas Bauble thinks his tubes are some sort of fuel storage.
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