Host: I'm your host bucket. And this is Batle on Island camp. Here 6 BFDI contetants, 6 BFDIA contetants, and 6 all new contetant will batle it out on this island for $100,000. Thats alot of money. Here comes the BFDI contetants now.

Match: Omg Pencil your here to and Bubble yay

Pencil: Omg I cant beleive we both got in

Match : I know and Bubble how are you

Bubble: Omg I'm great you

Match: I'm fine

Flower: Hi guys

Match,Pencil,Bubble: OH NO IT'S FLOWER!!!!!

Flower: Yep I'm back and I'm going to win

Pencil: No your not everyone hates you

Rocky:*barfs on Pencil*


Match: Spongy better not be back

Host: Spongy isn't comming back

Match: Good

Pencil: Oh look Teardrop is back to

Bubble: Yay Teardrop

Host: Ok here comes the BFDIA contetants.

Ruby: Yay it's so good to be back on a game show

Puffball: Ya it's been so long

Dougnut: Well i dont want to be back

Ruby: Than why did you come?

Doughnut: Cause I was i I'm invited back why did you think I'm here

Ruby: Okay

Dora:*speaks perfect spanish really fast*


Puffball: I know right

Nickle: Ya Coiny isn't back so i officly replace him

Ruby: Hi Nickle

Nickle: Hi

Ruby: You almost didnt remeber my name didnt you

Nickle: Sorry about that

Ruby: It's ok

Bomby: Hi guys

Ruby: Hi Bomby

Host: Ok here comes the all-new contetants

Towl: My name is Towl and I'm The Best

Square: Hi I'm Square

Blueberry: I may be small but I'm HUGE on the inside

Puffy Pillow: Hi I'm Puffy Pillow

Spoon: I'm Spoon and your all going down

Egg: Yay I'm really here meeting you guys this is so exiting yay

Host: So now that your all heer its time to put you into teams

Egg: Yay teams!!!!

Host: Okay..... Now Team 1 will be BFDI contetants + three newbies. Those three newbies are Egg,Blueberry, and Towl

Towl: cool

Host: So that means Team 2 Is the rest of you. Ok now the Team names will be Team 1: Team Fun Team 2:Team Cool Peeps. Okay good,great,done

Match: So what now

Host: I'm getting to that now that teams are good and even time for are first chlange

Doughnut: What is are first chalange

Host: I'm Getting to that sericly I have some impatient people

Host: Ok the Chalnge is To get your whole team up this tree

Host: Ok READY............SET..........GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Towl: Guys lets through peoepl up one ta a time then the last person just climbs up

All of Team Fun: Ok

Towl: ok Throgh Blueberry first he's light

Blueberry: No I'm Strong I can through

All of Team Fun:*stares at Blueberry*

Match: Really Blueberry really

Blueberry: Yes really

Towl: Fine you can through but if you make us loose you'll probibly be going home

Ruby: Ok I got some climbing gear lets climb

Doughnut: Ruby, Puffball can Fly us up 

Ruby: Oh ya everyone on Puffball

Puffball: Ok theres alot of wait on me so I might Fly Slower

All ok Team Cool Peeps: Go Puffball Go!!!!!!!

Flower: No Team Cool Pees are ahead cause of Puffball

Towl: Blueberry, THROUGH FATER!!!!!!!

Blueberry: I'm Going as fast as I can

Bubble: Blueberry, your stil trying to through Teardrop you shure you dont need help

Blueberry: I'm Good

Puffball: Were almost up

Bomby: Go Puffball Go

Host: And Team Cool Peeps win the first chlan ge of the season

Ruby: Yay Pufball

Host: So Team Fun, I'll see you at the Elimantion Ceremony.

Egg: Oh no

Match: Thx alot Blueberry

Blueberry: Oh no *gulps*

At The Elimantion Ceremony

Host: OkO, in front of you are cards of your team mates. Put a green mark on it if you think that team member deserves a prize. Put a red mark if you thinck that team meber deserves to be elimanted.

Match: This is such a easy choise

Pencil: I know right

Host: Ok now put the card that has the green mark in the green box. Put the card with the red mark in the red box

Host: Ok we'l start with prize

Host: First vote: Towl, Second: Towl, Third: Towl, Fourth: Match, Fifth: Pencil, Sixth: Towl, Seventh: Towl, Eigth: Towl, Ninth: Towl. So Towl you get the prize

Towl: Yay

Host: Your Prize is a Help Token

Towl: Whats that

Host: Well if your team is loosing or stuck in a chalange you can use this to help your whole team

Towl: Yay

Host: Now that, thats done time for the elimantiion votes

Host: First Vote: Blueberry, Second: Blueberry, Third: Blueberry, Fourth: Flower, Fifth: Flower

Flower: Why did I get votes i didn't do anything]

Host: Dont Disturb the reveling proses

Flower: Sorry

Host: Ok Sixth vote: Flower, Seventh: Blueberry, Eigth: Flower, Final vote is Blueberry.

Blueberry: I cant be out not now it's to early

Host: Sorry but your team voted, also i wont always say the otes every episode so,mometimes i will.

Host: Well Blueberry to the TLI (Tiny Looser Island)

Blueberry: *gets flung to the TLI* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Host: Rill next episode Batle......... On.......... Island Camp!!!!!!!!!!!!

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