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This is a joke article, created to make fun of a certain subject. Please know that it is not supposed to be taken seriously.


Epic Superball is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230, and he is the most epic person ever.


He is a blue ball with a red cape. His cape is very epic and has a blue spot on the back. With his cape, he can fly at high speeds. He has arms and legs because he is awesome.


Epic Superball is very very very very very very very very very very nice. He helps people in the city by stopping crime. Everyone loves him, but he never seems to say anything. He just blankly stares into people’s souls. He’s always seemed kinda menacing. Is he really a good person?


  • He Can shoots lasers from his hands.
    • These can remove things.
    • They can also fix things.


  • He’s based off of Mr Poe from Dorbees.
    • He was originally going to have a sidekick like Mr Poe has Yogul.
  • He is, coincedentally, ButterBlaziken230’s 69th OC.
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