Voice Actor: KlutzyKirby

Epic Kirby

Epic Kirby is a circular pink ball that wears red shade sunglasses. He is usually competitive, or epic (based off his name). He is the team captain of Team Epic Kirby. He is based off of Kirby from the Nintendo series: Kirby.


UB 1a: In Dive In, he is seen standing besides Mechanical Pencil and Credit Card. When Walkie Talkie changes the technology of this island, he is surprised and says "What just happened?" After drowning in the first challenge along with everyone else, he was revived and chosen by Walkie Talkie to be one of the team captains, also receiving apple juice.

UB 1b: Epic Kirby is not feeling well and asks Walkie Talkie if he was supposed to drink the apple juice, before turning all yellow.

UB 2: Epic Kirby somehow manages to escape through the other world, and later wins in the tiebreaker contest possibly unfairly by being the first one to blush.

UB 3b: He only tried to stop Walkie Talkie from ending the challenge early right before their team was officially UFE.

UB 4: Epic Kirby is the main teammate in this challenge. He was put into the claw machine and threw the car battery out to give to the rest of the team.

UB 5a: He helps out with others in recovering Walkie Talkie by initiating the effort and being the first to try using Walkie Talkie's computer.

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