Epic Face is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Epic Face’s body is a yellow head, however with no body. This yellow head is the Epic Face, a picture of a head like that one that was popular when the internet was first introduced. Epic Face is just that, only with arms and legs.


Since in the image, Epic Face looks happy, you would think that Epic Face is a kind person who likes to help others and has a lot of friends, right? Wrong. Despite the inviting looks, he’s actually depressed. He wishes that he could express his other emotions, but his face is stuck in a loop of happiness. Most of the time, he’s melancholic about his life, and how he’s stuck presenting one face, showing one emotion. Luckily, most of his friends know what emotions he has.


  • Epic Face was originally going to only have legs.
  • Epic Face is friends with Yellow Face.
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