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The Meeple and Objects are entering Mars with a massive spaceship.

  • X: Uhh.. What is this place?
  • Golf Ball: This... is Mars.
  • Cake: This looks really cool. Look at all of the red.
  • MePad: Mars is a planet where the Martians come from. As Golf Ball said, not all Martians are helpful to us, in the same way not all Martians are harmful to us.
  • Announcer: Correction.

Firey and Leafy sees a Martian City in Mars.

  • Firey: Oh my god..
  • Four: Wow, that city looks futuristic!
  • X: I know, that is futuristic!
  • Lightbulb: Wasn't Goiky futuristic?
  • Four: Yes! I'll go visit my friends!

Four runs to Martian City.

  • Four: Greetings my friends!
  • Araxadroid Martian #1: (In Araxadroidian) What is this four-shaped creature saying?
  • Four: What is that thing saying?
  • MePad: Allow me to translate. (In Araxadroidian) We come in peace.
  • Four: We come in peace! Yes translate!
  • Araxadroid Martian #1: (In Araxadroidian) You are not an Oongidroid. It seems like you come in peace.
  • MePad: (In Araxadroidian) Just what, sir, is an Oongidroid?
  • Araxadroid Martian #1: (In Araxadroidian) We have a scholar that can help you.
  • MePad: (In Araxadroidian) Who is this scholar?
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Perhaps I could be of some assistance.
  • X: What are you guys for- AAOOH!!! ALIENS!!
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Don't worry, young X-friend. We are friendly.
  • Four: And you can speak English?
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Why can't I?
  • X: Oh.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Follow me.
  • Four, X: Okay!

Four and X following Hexican and Araxadroid Scholar. The rest follow.

  • Four: X, i see all of the futuristic buildings.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Of course. These were made by our finest architects all the way back in 1570 H.Y.
  • X: Wow. That was a long time ago.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Indeed.
  • Four: Well my homeworld is... N u m b e r o p o l i s .
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Mmmm. And what is that like?
  • Four: Number shape-like buildings with some circle-like vehicles.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: I'm sure that in the modern-era standard, even back on Earth, that is unacceptable.
  • Four: We are trying our best.
  • MePhone4: I have been to that place... golly.
  • Announcer: So my homeworld is Speakerpolis. Because it is a smaller-medium square-like buildings with some robotic vehicles.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Yeah, that is much better.
  • MePhone4: The our homeworld is... Mepolis. It is a futuristic cities with a speeding vehicles and flying vehicles and other robotics.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Like Yoyle City, if I presume.
  • Four: Other futuristic cities. Yes!
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Anyways, we are here.

The objects all come inside.

  • X: Now they are here.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Yes. I swore I had that scroll here somewhere...
  • X: So.. There was a Martians attacking in Goiky.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: *takes out a scroll* I know. Here.
  • Four: That interesting.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: We know about those Oongidroid that are currently invading your planet. *unrolls scroll*
  • X: Oh, well.. That kind of interest.
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Let me talk to you about the ordeal.
  • X: About the ordeal?
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: Yes. So here is a four of footage.

Hexican shows a footages of Martians invading towns and cities in, Objectropolis, Yoyle City, Village Forest and Dream Island in Earth.

  • Firey: Oh god, no...
  • Announcer: (Sees sight of footage of Dream Island) And why they are invading the Dream Island.
  • Ruby: (Sees sight of footage of Objectropolis) Our home! ...It's being invasion!
  • Hexican, Araxadroid Scholar: I know.
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