Martian Invaders are dead and Martian Machines are destroyed around the abandoned buildings in Objectropolis. Surviving the ambushes, the Objects found each other.

Tennis Ball and Golf Ball are both laughing.

  • Dough: Hi Donut!
  • Donut: Dough! I missed you!
  • Spongy: *Hugs Donut and Dough, and laughs while sobbing* I love you guys!
  • Bubble: Fanny, you're okay! *Hugs Fanny*
  • Fanny: Bubble, you're alive!
  • Ruby: Flower! *Hugs Flower and cries happily*
  • Flower: I missed you!
  • Stapy: Foldy, you're feeling alright! *Hugs Foldy*
  • Foldy: Stapy, you're okay!
  • Book: Ice Cube! *Hugs Ice Cube*
  • Ice Cube: Hi Book!
  • X: Four! *Runs toward Four on side* I can't believe i thought you we're- *Gets stuck in Four's side*

Four hears X's muffling.

  • Four: X i've missed you and you thought i was dead!

Scissors looks over the celebrating objects.

  • Scissors: Well, the war is complete and Objectpolis is saved. Back to my normal life!

All of Objects hug each others and laugh except one, Firey finds Leafy and he thought she was blasted by a Martian Tripod.

Suddenly, Leafy runs and hugs Firey.

  • Leafy: I love you Firey...
  • Firey: I love you too Leafy...

A butterfly lands on the dead Martian Invader's head and butterfly flies away to a nearby forest. Fade to black with white text saying "The End" in Times New Roman. Roll the credits.

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