Enderman Is An Oc Made By Engie49.


Enderman Appears To Be A Mouthless David With Magenta Eyes.


Enderman Is One Of The Easily Provoked Ones,Showing Anger Towards Anyone Who Looks At Him(With The Exception Of His Friends) He Is Otherwise Neutral. He Also Speaks In A Distorted Voice,Which Is Why Subtitles Appear When He Speaks. He Can Also Understand Roboty.


  • Enderman Can Somehow Speak Despite The Lack Of A Mouth.
  • Enderman Has The Ability To Teleport.
  • Enderman's Voice Is Nearly Unintelligible.
  • That Is The Reason Why Subtitles Appear Whenever He Talks.
  • He Is Basically An Enderman From Minecraft.
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