(Don't you dare edit this) Elimination is the process where a player is removed from the competition, and taken to the TLC, mostly when they're voting off by the viewers, or voted off by contestant-vote.

Battle For Dream Island (Season 1)

Battle For Dream Island Eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Woody Male Squishy Cherries 21st Bridge Crossing He was scared all the time, and frankly annoying to the viewers.
Pin Female Squishy Cherries 20th Power of Three She was WAY too bossy and was rude.
Needle Female Squashy Grapes 19th Puzzling Mysteries Viewers found their Needy fetish annoying.
Teardrop Female Squashy Grapes 18th Crybaby! They were quiet and didn't do much.
Golf Ball Female Squashy Grapes/Another Name 17th Lofty Golf Ball was too much of a bossy bot this season.
Coiny Male Squashy Grapes/Another Name 16th A Leg Up in the Race All they did was slap Firey, but Firey was more interesting this season.
Snowball Male Squashy Grapes/Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 15th Don't Lose Your Marbles! Snowball was a jerk to everyone.
Match Female Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 14th Half a Loaf Is Better Than None Viewers found their Needy fetish annoying.
Eraser Male Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 13th Vomitaco He was a bit bossy at times, but was finally eliminated.
Pen Male Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 12th Bowling, Now with Explosions! His cheating in the last episode cost him the contest.
Blocky Male Squishy Cherries/Squashy Grapes (Before Merge) 11th The Reveal After he rejoined, he did not do much.
Tennis Ball Male Squashy Grapes/Another Name (Before Merge) 10th Reveal Novum He was a fan favorite, but the remaining contestants voted him off.
Pencil Female Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 9th Rescission Even though she technically won the challenge and got safety, The scoreboard could only support two numbers and not three, so she got up for elimination with 5 points.
David Male None (Debuts in Reveal Novum) 8th Gardening Hero David was a weird human, which bothered the viewers.
Ice Cube Male Squashy Grapes (Before Merge) 7th The Glistening Ice Cube was bland and had repeated lines, but was also voted off by the eliminated contestants because the TLC was hot and Ice Cube was needed to help cool it down.
Rocky Male Squashy Grapes/Another Name/Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 6th Don't Pierce My Flesh Rocky's barf habits got the best of them.
Spongy Male Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 5th Hurtful! Even though Spongy returned, it was not a viewer vote, and was still very fat and bland.
Flower Female Squashy Grapes (Before Merge) 4th Instectophobe's Nightmare 2 Flower was still a jerk and was eliminated.
Bubble Female Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 3rd Return of the Hang Glider Did not receive enough votes to win the game.
Leafy Female Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 2nd Return of the Hang Glider Did not receive enough votes to win the game.
Firey Male Squishy Cherries (Before Merge) 1st Return of the Hang Glider Received enough votes to win the game!

Battle For Dream Island Again (Season 2)

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