Eggy, labelled, The Speak-esque Mind-blank, is a male contestant on Battle for Isle Sleep.


He is commonly a scaredy-cat, and he hasn't learned how to speak English.  Few people really love being with him.


In What The Beam Determined, Eggy is first seen listening to Candle's joke ("I threw a pumpkin in the air and it came down squash!") and laughing.  Then, he is scared when Carrot comes, and he yells when Carrot falcon kicks him. During the challenge, he is annoyed by Brownie getting his attention, and he kicks her off, much to lose attention and fall off himself.

In Don't Capsize!, he was chosen onto a team because that team didn't want to be unfriendly to the other team. He is frightened by Carrot's mean statement, and shortly after he's taken out of the water he falls asleep on the sand.

In Z Dodgeball Ultimate, he is first seen sleeping at night. After that, he is scared about being eliminated when he's in the bottom 3; and for extra suspense, Eggy's bar becomes the longest then the bars move so the longest is Carrot's.  Eggy is safe with 12 votes.  He gets out of the challenge when hit by Thread.

In Creating Comfort, he is scared when he's in the bottom two, then happy when he's declared the last safe.  When he bites his cookie, a pillow shows up, puzzling him. Nintendo accidentally eliminates him by stepping on a button, saddening Brownie, so the pillow loses value.

In Time to Rhyme, he is seen asleep in the epilogue because he could hardly keep his eyes open.


  • He and Brownie are the two youngest contestants.
  • He doesn't know how to speak, but he understands English when he hears it, and he sometimes shouts interjections.
  • He's the only contestant of BFS or BFIS to have an "-y" suffix (Excluding Computery)
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