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"Eggy (BFDI) joins the battle!"
This character appears in the official version of Battle for Smash Ultimate by polysided! Either as a playable character, assist trophy, boss battle etc.

Reason: Playable Character
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"Oh Greɑt! You know whɑt, Eggy (BFDI)? This is ɑll YOUR fault. Eggy (BFDI), You SUCK!!!" - Bɑlloon
This character is unpopular and they're hated by many fans, maybe even because they're unlikable or they are controversial.

Reason: Eggy was in Bottom 2 in BFB 7, since she was kind of rude to Clock in BFB
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Wait, let's think about this!

Eggy was one of the 30 recommended characters who have a chance at joining BFDI. She failed to join the game, receiving only 6 votes to join along with Balloony and Pillow. In BFDIA, she also failed to join, with only 77 votes placing her 52nd overall, because she never joined BFDI(A). Not much is known about her just until Eggy became a contestant in Battle for BFDI.

There is also another Eggy, however, his color is plain white, instead of having yellow spots like his BFDI counterpart. There, he is labeled as The Speak-Squeezy Mind-Blank, based on his cowardly personality and having low English skills. He was placed on team Shining Lights.


Eggy appears to be a decorated or spotted bird egg. Her shell is an extremely light pink in color, dotted with yellow spots. She also claimed in "Return of the Rocket Ship" that her whites and yolk are colored like Loser, although she was likely lying due to her being depicted as hollow in "The Reveal" and "Reveal Novum".

In SlendyBFDI[]

Eggy appears as the sole threat of Yoyle City.

Infected Appearance: Eggy is a tall, black, slightly overweight, feminine humanoid.


Eggy is quite kind toward outsiders and is very open when she is around people she can trust.

Eggy also seemingly values safety. She felt comfortable and safe when she was a baby egg (egg inside of an egg), and she wanted to glide through the competition without any danger. This trait is fitting as she is an egg, and eggs are known to be fragile.

She does however have her rude, assertive moments as she blamed Clock for ruining The Losers' winning streak and didn't feel the need to listen to Four's contest rules in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?".

Fan Fiction[]

Human Names[]

  • Elly Harrison (KittyFan2004)
  • Elizabeth Rouchleau (Opinduver)
  • Edgar Holmes (NLG343)
  • Elena Yasugi (TheObjectThing15)
  • Tamako Koyaki (Pimimyun)
  • Eggly Smrak (HurricaneBeryl)
  • Kimberly Hart (Abijah Taylor Enterprises Inccorpation)
  • Emma Crackson

Where Eggy is from[]

  • Houston, Texas (U4Again)
  • Woonsocket, Rhode Island (KittyFan2004)
  • Winnipeg, Canada
  • Cincinnati, Ohio (MrFlamerBoy)
  • Long Island, New York (TheObjectThing15)
  • Japan (Pimimyun)
  • Eggworl, Crackland (HurricaneBeryl)
  • Paris, France (Wen Kai Foo)
  • Columbus, Ohio (ScriptNGaminGG)


  • July 18, 2001 (U4Again)
  • March 21, 1996 (KittyFan2004)
  • October 21, 1999 (NLG343)
  • July 19, 1982 (ScribbledEggs)
  • January 5th 2006 (Jeremiah Santana)
  • July 3rd, 2005 (TheObjectThing15)
  • January 1, 2009 (Hurricane Beryl)
  • April 19, 1994 (2011 timeline) April 19, 2000 (2017 timeline) April 19, 2004 (2021 timeline)


  • Irish-American (U4Again)
  • Eastern European (KittyFan2004)
  • Canadian-American (NLG343)
  • Eggry (HurricaneBeryl)
  • German (ScriptNGaminGG)


  • Protestant (KittyFan2004, U4Again)
  • Protestant (NLG343, HurricaneBeryl)

5 Star War[]

She Also Apperies In 5 Star War As A Team Member In Team Cook

In Battle for Dream Island: Ultimate Custom Night[]



  • Eggy's design doesn't appear to match any real-life egg.
  • Eggy's story traces back to when she was "an egg inside of an egg." If she did come from an egg, then this would mean that Eggy is the first to confirm that her species do lay eggs.
  • According to Satomi, Eggy was originally going to be on Beep and the contestant that was going to have her spot on the The Losers! was Nickel or Roboty.
  • She likes to add "blah blah blah" to her sentences to test people if people are paying attention to her.
  • According to the BFB 13 voting results, Eggy is the least favorited character out of the BFB cast.


Names in other languages[]

  • エギー - Japanese
  • isibgy - Zulu
  • Telur -Indonesian
  • Huevo - Spanish
  • Ovo - Portuguese
  • Uovo - Italian
  • Ubh Buí Agus Bán - Irish