Backpack: This just in! Backpack Bureau of News' Backpack here, reporter and journalist, reporting live from Southern Goiky's Battle Region, and heeeere's Signy!


- Intro -

Alto Clef: You guys, Showerhead, Foldy, Stapy, Flagstaff, Tree, Kiwi, Black Hole, Cratey, and Ba-asketball, come with me.

Showerhead: Come on Shower People, you go there, go get elimnated. I'll wait here.

Alto Clef: No Showerhead, you must come to the Cake at Stake place.

Showerhed: I don't care about Nake at Stape. I already know that I am going to win.

Alto Clef: Your whole team has to do it.

Showerhead: Fine.

Cratey: Wow, so cool! *Jumps onto a stool.* Bouncy and soft!

- Cake at Stake Intro -

Alto Clef: Enough Enough, everyone. Screeny, show the votes.

Screeny: *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *In robotic voice: We had 21 votes.*

Alto Clef: That's rigt! 9 likes and 12 elimination votes or dislikes.

Alto Clef: Showerhead, would you like to use your Captain Token?

Showerhead: *laughs* Ha Ha! Good one! But I'm going to win! I don't need this dumb token anyway! No Way! *Throws token behind him onto the ground*

Dagger: *Walking right behind Showerhead's stool when the Captain Token falls right in front of him, and Dagger picks it up.* Hey, look what I found! Tee-hee!

Alto Clef: OK then. We will do likes first. My prize today is a Goobf Token.

Kiwi: Just that?

Alto Clef: Shush! Don't complain.

Alto Clef: With zero likes are Tree, Kiwi, Basketball, Flagstaff, and Showerhead.

Showerhead: Did I just here I got zero likes? Wrong! I got all 9!

Alto Clef: Shush! No you didn't.

Alto Clef: Tied with 1 like are Cratey and Stapy, but that one like doesn't matter as there are 2 others who were tied fore 2 days! Foldy and Black Hole, you got the highest likes.

*Shows a spotlight on each of them with suspenseful background music*

Alto Clef: Foldy got 3 likes, while Black Hole is the winner with 4!

Black Hole: Yay! Now I can catch this Goobf Token with my new limbs!

Alto Clef: Now, to move onto elimination. *Glares at Showerhead*

Showerhead: *Glares back at Alto Clef*

Alto Clef: Today, my cake is Blueberry-Yoyle Cake.

Alto Clef: With zero dislikes are Tree, Kiwi, Basketball, and Flagstaff. They also did not get any likes. *Flings 4 cake slices*

Tree: Yeah! *Eats a bite.* Really good cake.

Tree, Flagstaff, Basketball, and Kiwi: *Turns to metal*

Alto Clef: Also at zero votes is Stapy: *Flings cake slice*

Stapy: *Cake smacks against his face, and the cake explode all over his face, and he makes those eyes that look sort of like arrows.* Yayy?

Alto Clef: Also safe, is Foldy, with 1 vote.

Foldy: Yay! *Cake shreds Foldy into two.*

Stapy: *Glares at Alto Clef really hard.* You didn't!

Alto Clef: Yes I did. Too bad for you. Also with one vote is Black Hole.

Black Hole: Yay, more of a prize!

Cratey: *Spotlight shows on him, and camera zooms in on him, at the same time the other half of the screen shows a spotlight on Showerhead, and zooms in on him too.

Showerhead: WHAT? You got the statistics messed up. I'm in the bottom two? NO WAY!

Alto Clef: I'm sorry Showerhead, but the stats are right. Correct, Screeny?

Screeny: *In robotic voice: Yes.*

Alto Clef: With 2 votes, Cratey is safe.

Cratey: Yeah!

Showerhead: Wait what? But that means I'm.. No WAY! Quit joking, say the truth!

Alto Clef: That is the truth. With a record-breaking 8 votes, Showerhead is eliminated!

Showerhead: *Gets flung away of into the distance screaming "NO-O-O-O-O!"

Alto Clef: Now, with that all taken care of, let's get onto the contest!

*Scene Change*

Alto Clef: Today, your contestant is Hydrochloric Hallucinations!

Lollipop: Wait, so we look at acidic things in the air? How is that a contest?

Alto Clef: Shush! Listen! No, it is just a name. We have a huge vat of hydrochloric acid. Whichever team remains alive for the longest wins. I don't care how many contestants are remaining when your team wins. All of them will get Immunity Tokens, and the last one err in there will get a win token.

Lollipop: Wait, so if we die we

Alto Clef: SHUSH!

Windchimes: By die do you mean drown or disintegrate?

Alto Clef: Does it matter? *In high squeaky voice that sounds the complete opposite of Windchimes: No it, doesn't.* See, so drown or disintegrate, you lose. Now go!

Thing: Where is the vat?

Alto Clef: Shut up and get on the various wheel!

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