Aka DeRE!

Returning Characters



  • Kabloom and Mechy may get redesigns.
  • Shapey used to first not have limbs but later he changed to match what Shape World would be like.
  • Twin Tank does not return with Flank Guard.
  • Socket was a character first mentioned in DMRE Rebooted. He might come into action later.
  • Random originally had random assets, such as using one of Kabloom's eyes. This was later changed thou.
  • Bottle Stopper wasn't really easy to make since Mr. Yokai had to plan the design, sometimes shrinking the body or the head.
  • Stoney might make the cut, but that's currently unknown.
  • Pudding makes the cut after a long abscene. However, he is expected to now have a cherry on his head.
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