Firey Replacement Box

"The. Drill Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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Pen is onboard the HMS Andrew Peters O.M., when they achieve visual contact with a Martian Tripod. As soon as that happened, Firey and Bomby are "Toasted" out of the inside and the 3 do the "Drill" Choreography[1] to grab the Martian's attention. Two more nameless objects are "Toasted" out and prepare for attack of tripods.
  • Pen: Let's Go!
  • Firey: You better get off this planet!
The Martian fires a laser beam, It goes directly into the ocean while the Martian Tripods rising up in ocean.
  • Pen: Get it! Quickly!
  • Firey: There's a strange bit of heat near the Brain of that thing!
  • Pen: Then open it up!
  • Firey: Alright, time to see what's inside you!
The Five begin attacking, the two nameless objects attempt to detach the legs, they are quickly crushed by the Martian Tripod.
  • Pen: No!
Pen attacks ferouciously, and Firey climbs up to the Brain, Bomby attempt to blind the Martian Tripod.
  • Bomby: I've got to--
  • Pen: Bomby, No!
  • Firey: There's something inside! (he opens the door) It's Rocky!
Firey grabs Rocky, and in an instant, the Martian deactivates, it's sent plummeting to the ocean, the crew of the HMS Andrew Peters O.M. grab the Four and the Two nameless objects, who are by now unconscious
  • Bomby: We did it!
  • Pen: Wait!
Suddenly, Some giant tentacles grab the ship and pull it into the ocean, Pen, Firey, Bomby and Rocky escape, but the rest can't open.
  • Pen: No!
  • Firey: They might become like rocky, Brainwashed, then used for a second wave of Martians.
  • Martian Invader #43: (Eye turns red and mouth opens) *SCREECHES LOUDLY*
  • Martian Invader #36: *SNARLS AT RUBY*
  • Ruby: HELP!!!
  • MePhone4S: *Shoots two of Martian Invaders*
  • Ruby: M-MePhone4?
  • MePhone4S: I am back.

Five of Martian Invaders starts screeching and runs at MePhone4S.

  • MePhone4S: Nothing I can't handle *shoots all 5*


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