Are we there yet, "O' Wise One"?
~ Dollar on Rapping it Up
Back in my day, I was fightin' and runnin' all day long! All that you youngens ever do is play on these elec-ete-tronic thingy-ma-bobs.
~ George on Volcanic Excitement

Dollar & George are male contestants on Object Lockdown.


Dollar is a simplified green American 1 dollar bill with a portrait containing George.

George is a simple green drawing of US President George Washington.



Dollar is a pessimist and is somewhat lazy and introverted, disliking running and performing onstage. He usually puts up with George’s presence, but he‘ll draw the line when he gets dragged into something. He despises George’s constant lectures and stories, however.


George is a patriotic and outspoken optimist who is trapped inside of Dollar’s portrait. He claims to be hundreds of years old and often tells stories and gives lectures, usually to Dollar. He also often drags Dollar into unwanted situations.

Vote History

Episode Likes Dislikes
Breaking the Mold 0 0
Revive and Survive 230 134
Constructive Criticism 164 134


  • Dollar and George is one of the few contestants that didn't originate from Super Object Battle or Flipnote Object Battle, the others being Snowboard, Yarn, and M&M. Dollar originated from Super Object City, a very old show made by TheWuggleJack, Dollar changed drastically for OLD, as he was far less cynical and more of a "normal guy character" in SOC. George did not originate from Dollar's SOC appearance, and was created by one of TheWuggleJack's friends.


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