Please do not vote, thank you

and thats the last time you'll hear that sentence

Late Night Fiesta

Speaker: we got 16 votes, guitar and Jupiter are safe at no votes, fork and cheezeburger got 1 vote, flaggy got 2 votes, car has 5 votes, and crayon is out at 7 votes, and I did all that without using respectively!
Crayon: but what did I do wrong? I wasn't meeeeeeeeeeeeee-
Cheeseburger: I guess we are now anarchy
Jupiter: I'll be the leader

Speaker; time for the next stupid contest
Wheely: and that is?
Speaker: a contest in its own right, I'll see you tonight!
Beef: wonder what he means
Wheely: oh look, there's a party on that beach
Beef: so?
Wheely: come on!
DVD: is that how were going to play it, eh beef? Stealing wheely, I'll be fair, I'll be fair.

Speaker: so, Wheely and Beef, eager?
Beef: yeah, i think
Speaker: well, the contest dosen't start for 3 hours, there's a relaxing coast up ahead, so, knock yourself out

Splodge: really?
Flaggy: yeah
Splodge: I can't believe that car just got by
Flaggy: I saw the whole thing from the sky
Speaker: alright people, let's get this down!
Cola: yeah
Speaker: I've rented out this beach today because we are going to have a dance party!
Splodge: so, that the challenge?
Speaker: yeah, I'll get the music, no, that's not it, what, an old audio recorder? Fury from the deep episode 2? Ah, there it is! Whoever dances the weakest is you know what! Go!

about 2 houra later (yes, i know, a typo)

Speaker: the blue beavers...

Speaker: lose!
Wheely: What
Guitar: hah! Now were better without crayon and glassy
Speaker: but wheely and Beef have immunity for dancing the best
Beef: yes!

So, vote a blue beavers out!
I still need animators

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