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this is the only episode split into two parts

coz im not motivated

Speaker: so, now your all here, we got 20 votes, fork and Jupiter got no votes, crayon, guitar and cheeseburger all got 1 vote respectively, car is safe at 2 votes, flaggy is safe at 7 votes and glassy is eliminated with 8 votes
Glassy: no that can't be!, I'll miss all of you, my personality just chaaaaaaaaaaaaa-
Fork And Guitar: YEAH!

Motivation's Back

Fork: that hiatus took forever!
Speaker: shut up, you're just like match
Wheely: YAY GO PIN
Speaker: well, next contest is to design a flag for the peninian empire, DO NOT USE FLAGGY!
Flaggy: YAY
Speaker: go!

Crayon: WHAT CAN WE DO WITHOUT GLASSY????!!!!!!!!!
Guitar: she was mean, anyway, I'm in charge for this challenge since crayon is in tears, well need red dye, orange dye, and green dye, cheeseburger, go get the dyes
Cheeseburger: Yesmaam
Guitar: Car, go get some fabric, crayon, find a needle, flaggy, get a pole, Jupiter... just, stay there.
Jupiter: whatever
Guitar: fork will be my assistant
Fork: yayayayayaya

Splodge: hmm, AHA gets to work DVD: What's Splodge doing?
1 ball: I don't know but I'll check it out

some minutes later

Guitar: no, flaggy, like this
Crayon: hey, stringer, I got your needle
Needle: help me
Fork: why, hello needy Slap Fork: OW
Fork: YOU ******* piece of ****, why I'll have you ******* melted as execution everyone looks at fork Fork: Uh oh, AAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH

Splodge: DONE!
Crayon: done
Speaker: let's see em, Beavers, this is great, Rovers, this is meaningless, the red rovers lose
Guitar: but, I, put, so, much.

Only seconds away from the voting poll, please vote for 2 characters

Guitar: I wonder what our flags being used for Torch shining on red portion, then orange portion, and finally, the green portion Car: Beep Beep

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